Top 10 Best Tequila Brands in India 2016

If you love drinking, then you must have tried Tequila by now. However, if not, then you must sip one shot of tequila that is made of Blue Agave Plant mostly found in the Jalisco and Mexico area. The craziness and the fondness of the Tequila are almost same in the world and is nothing different in India as well. There are a wide number of consumers available in India who are fond of Tequila. Here are the Top 10 best Tequila brands in India in 2016.

10. Montejima Reposado Tequila

Montejima Reposado TequilaThis is a special brand made with the best class blue agave from Jalisco. This is enriched with the taste and is wonderfully blended. The taste of the tequila has the classic fruity notes with a superior balance of wood and vanilla. This is a special brand with special taste.

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9. Piedra Azul Reposado Tequila

Piedra Azul Reposado TequilaThis is amazing tequila with an appealing rate. The tequila is high on quality and extremely affordable, almost half of the other brands. However, a fascinating part of the Tequila is the taste of it. The Oak barrel gives a classic blend of the caramel and the vanilla. The tequila gives the smooth finish with a honey finish.

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