Top 10 Best Upcoming Scooters (Scooty) in India

Last year was an interesting year for the scooter lovers in India as 2015 has seen so many new entrants in the scooter market. Just like the last year, in this year too even more new scooters are ready to rock the Indian scooter market too. Due to the changing taste of the users and increasing oil prices coupled with the entry of the new international brands in the market now the demand of the 125cc and 110 cc scooters are rising.  Now there are more options for the riders to choose from the plethora of options that are present in the market. If you are too willing to know about which are the best scooter in India, take a look at the list given below to know more about the upcoming best scooter in India for men that are due on this year ahead.


Top 10 upcoming scooters of 2016

This year is important for the scooty lovers because due to ever growing demand the manufacturers are eyeing to launch higher displacement scootys in India. Let’s check out the list in order to know that which one will be the best scooty for boys in India. Though there are also various companies that are introducing 150cc scooters in India for the very first time but here in this article main concentration will be on best 125cc scooter and best 110cc bike in India only. Let’s check out the list of top 10 best scooty in India.

1. Hero Dare

one of the undisputed leaders of Indian scooty market has unveiled this model for the very first time in the 2014 Delhi auto expo. The scooty is designed to appeal the male riders and college students more than their female counterparts. Its sporty and snazzy styling is sure to make every stylish rider please. Apart from the styling this scooter is featured with 125cc air cooled engine capable of pumping out 9PS power and 9.5Nm torque. It also comes with full digital console, LED daylight lamps, boot light, mobile charging socket, disc brake at front, telescopic forks, and alloy wheels and so on. One of the most striking features of this scooty is its E-Coded security key. It will hit the market in mid 2016.

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Hero Dare 125cc

2. Yamaha 125cc scooter

previously known for making one of the most loved bikes in India, Yamaha has tasted a bit of success in the Indian scooter market with their Ray series and now gearing up to launch the 125cc scooter in this year. This scooter is codenamed as 04X and will be manufactured in company’s Chennai plant. According to the experts this bike will surely going to enthrall the market with its astounding features and give a tough time to the other best mileage scooter in India like the Suzuki Access 125 and Honda Activa 125.


Yamaha 125cc scooter

3. Honda Aviator 125

though this scooter has all the capabilities to become the best scooty of the year but for some reasons got overshadowed by the Honda active 125cc. so the company is now decided to give a new lease of life by providing this scooty with an upgraded cosmetic updated look to give it a distinguish look from other scooters of its category. This air cooled single cylinder scooty will come with same features except its look which is influenced by the Honda lead scooter of the company.


Honda Aviator 125


4. Piaggio Liberty

though Piaggio is not a very uncommon name or coming for the first time in India, but somehow they failed to garner so much adore in the Indian market. thus to change the scenario and leverage from the growing and changing market of scoters in India the company has announced the launch of their new model liberty. This scooter is aimed to give the users better fuel efficiency and easy maneuverability on the Indian roads.

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Piaggio Liberty

5. Mahindra Gusto 125

just after the launch in the February auto expo this 125cc scooter hit the Indian market. This is one of the most ambitious projects of the company and they are expecting this scooter to become one of the best scooters of 2016 in India. The company ahs priced it moderately so that everyone can buy it. The design will be lot more like its 110cc counterpart except a few tweaks.


Mahindra Gusto 125

6. Hero Leap

this is one of the most anticipated bikes of this year from the stable of Hero due to its cool looks and also for the astounding features. This hybrid scooter is first unveiled in the 2012 auto expo and from their news is brewing about this bike. Only time will tell that whether this bike will become one of the top 10 scooty of 2016 is not but it is surely garnish much ado and recognition in the market for sure.


Hero Leap Hybrid

7. Peugeot Satelis 125

this is one of the first of its kind and possibly the first one from the three bikes which are rumored to be launched in India by the company in this year. It has bold looks coupled with striking features which really amazing. halogen optical lights for better visibility, ABS, double-cradle frame, 14″ wheels and LCD screen showing all the requisite information to the rider while on board are some of the features which will surely enthrall the Indian market.


Peugeot Satelis 125


8. Yamaha Nozza

Yamaha Nozza is probably one of the most anticipated scooty of 110cc which is going launch in this year in India. With an aim to capture the Indian scooter market Yamaha has come up with this light weight scooter. Light weight, more power, and better maneuverability are some of the features of this cute looking scooter from Yamaha.

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Yamaha Nozza

9. TVS Dazz

this scooty will be launched in the mid of the year as is stated by the company. This light weight scooty will come with single cylinder, automatic gearbox and also 5.1 liters engine and will be priced just above fifty thousand rupees.


TVS Dazz

10. Piaggio Fly

it seems that Piaggio is all set to grab the Indian market and thus launching another 125cc stunner in this year too. The Piaggio fly will hit the market in the fall winter 2016. The bike is packed with some match winning features and the best part is its fuel capacity and mileage which may win this scooty best mileage scooter in India title.


Piaggio Fly

This is an excerpt of what will happen in the Indian scooter market this year and which one has the ability to win the best scooter title this year and so on. Among these models some of them are so powerful that can compete with even the top 10 bikes in India too and give them a tough time ahead.

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