Top 10 Best Weight Gainer Powder in India

When most of us are looking for programs to lose weight, but there are some skinny people who need supplements that help them gain weight. There are obviously several exercises that help gain muscles but it needs proper diet. This way, we have listed the best weight gainer powders to fulfill your dietary needs and gain extra kilos safely. They help gain muscles and give more calories to your body without causing any side effects.

Best Weight Gainer products to Gain Muscle Mass

1. Endura Double Gain – Rs. 2875

Endura Double GainEndura is known to be the well known and trusted brand for weight gain products. Endura Double Gain is another quality weight gain supplement which contains caseinate, soy and whey protein which can easily be absorbed in your body and release energy slowly. It is the best way to gain muscle mass, reduce fatigue and get energy boost.

2. Musashi Bulk Mass Gain Protein Blend – Rs. 2450

Musashi Bulk Mass Gain Protein BlendThis supplement can help build muscles as it contains calories that can build solid lean body in safe way. It contains carbohydrates and protein to release energy slowly in your body. This product contains minerals and vitamins to be absorbed well. The product is best suited for athletes, footballers, Olympians, rugby players and cricketers. Musahi Bulk Mass Gain Protein from Nestle Australia promotes cellular growth and prevents breakdown of muscles.

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3. British Nutrition Xtra Mass (Banana) – Rs. 1990

British Nutrition Xtra Mass (Banana)It is a delicious and very tasteful health drink to gain muscle mass and extra lbs. It contains quality whey protein and gives quick results for fat free muscles. It builds up muscles and promotes good health.

4. SNT Xtreme Gainer (Rs. 641)

SNT Xtreme GainerIt is yet another health drink for weight gain and it comes in lip-smacking chocolate flavor. This product is designed to gain energy and lean muscle mass during workouts. It is also helpful to avoid fatigue. It strengthens muscle and it is the safest way to weight gain.

5. Matrix Nutrition Mega Mass 4600 (Rs. 2025)

Matrix Nutrition Mega Mass 4600It is formulated to build body mass and it comes in tasteful chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavor. It contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and amino acids for weight gain. It provides sufficient energy during workouts to improve recovery and growth and gain weight.

6. Venky’s Mass Gainer (Rs. 900)

Venky’s Mass Gainer From the house of Venky’s Nutrition, Venky’s Mass Gainer contains balanced amount of carbohydrate and protein to develop muscles. It comes in five different variants which have sucrose to give instant energy charge for your workout. It promotes biochemical reaction to produce energy and reduce fatigue in workout.

7. Planet Ayurveda Weight Gainer – Rs. 1350

Planet Ayurveda Weight GainerIt is 100% natural Weight Gain Formula which provides healthy weight gain. It improves vitality and it is best suited for men to gain weight.

8. Universal Ultra Mass 4500 – Rs. 5499

Universal Ultra Mass 4500Universal Nutrition is a renowned brand for manufacturing weight gain supplements. Universal Ultra Mass is no exception. It gives muscled and well toned body. It helps improve muscle mass as it contains calories and it is ideal for workout programs. It contains best quality fiber, calories and carbohydrates to give quick energy boost in workouts. This way, it improves metabolic rate and it is helpful to build muscle and burn body fat. It is a low-fat formula which improves stamina in your body.

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9. LABRADA Pro V60 – Rs. 5300

LABRADA Pro V60From the house of LABRADA, the LABRADA Pro V60 is a multipurpose Protein supplement which is very convenient and delicious protein supplement that fulfills your daily needs of protein. It is rich in protein and it contains very low carbohydrate for muscle mass and weight gain.

10. Sci-MX Mass System – Rs. 600

Sci-MX Mass SystemSci-MX Mass System is a protein shake built for muscle mass. It increases weight and strength, size of muscle and helps in muscle growth and healing. It contains Glutamine and BCAAs to provide instant energy boost for athletes, gym workouts and bodybuilding. It is the muscle gain supplement which contains Aminogen, Protein and Waxy Maize and it comes in two different variants.

We hope you loved this article about weight gainer products and gave some inspiration for body building and muscle gain. So, which of the above weight gain products you liked the most?

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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