Top 10 Best Whisky Brands in India 2016

Whisky is one of the most popular drinks in all over the world. India is not very different from the rest of the world. According to the figures, India is third highest consumer of the Whisky and that shows the popularity of it in the country. There are different whisky brands available in India and known for different taste, flavors and other things. There is different reason for tasting different whisky and everyone has different reasons to choose the favorite whisky. However, every whisky cannot be termed as best whisky brand in 2016. Here are the top 10 best whisky brands in India in 2016.

10. Director’s Special

Director’s SpecialThis is highly popular for the class and quality. The United Spirits Limited whisky is considered as one of the best whiskies in the world. The brand was originally launched in 1988. This is found everywhere in India and considered as the best among the others.

Originally manufactured by Shaw Wallace, Director’s Special is now acquired by United Spirits Limited, a well-known group stepped into the liquor market in 1988. It is a subsidiary group of Vijay Mallya. Molasses are fermented to manufacture this special black whisky. It is the best whiskey in the world for its class and quality.

The United Spirits Limited is known for producing the best whisky in the world. It is found everywhere in the country and it is the best among others. It is one of the top whisky brands in India. On April 2008, Shaw Wallace merged with United Spirits Limited.

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9. 8 PM

8 PMThe Indian brand was originally launched in 1999. This is one of the most popular whisky brands in India and is known for the high acceptance among the consumers. The 8 PM brand is mostly popular in the non-metro cities and rural areas of India. This is a brand known for affordable yet high in quality whisky.

It features next to top 10 single malt whisky brands in India. This brand is founded by Radico Khaitan which was also known as Rampur Distillery and Chemical Company Limited.

It is one of the best-selling whisky brands rolled out across the country. It is 100% grain-based beverage which is available in 375ml, 750ml and 180ml bottles. The Indian whisky brand had seen decline in 2012. However, the sales volume took hit last year. It suffered loss of around 800,000 cases over three years with around 4.65% of decline. In the first 12 months, 8PM created history with over one million cases sold in 1999.

As of 2015, it has sold over 4.10 million cases. Also known as Rampur Distillery & Chemical Company Ltd, Radio Khaitan Ltd is an Indian brand founded by Bharat Kataria. It manufactures Indian Made Foreign Liquor, industrial alcohol, fertilizers and country liquor. The brands are sold in over 60 countries.

8. Haywards Fine

Haywards FineThe United Spirits Limited gaining high profit and popularity with this brand in India. The brand is very popular and mostly sold in Middle East and in the African region. However, the gaining market and acceptance by the consumers have raised high hope for this Whisky Brand.

Hayward’s Fine is yet another whisky brand which is owned by United Spirits Limited. It is a subsidiary of United Breweries Group and is among the fastest growing brands in cheapest whiskey category. It has registered a significant 15% of sales growth in the year 2012.

This brand sold around 7.1 million cases in the year 2012. It enjoys great popularity in African and Middle East markets. This brand is owned by United Breweries that has earned great presence in the market. It is a budget-friendly brand which is gaining huge popularity not just in India, but also in foreign countries.

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