Top 10 Best Window Air Conditioners (AC) Brands with Price in India

As the summer is just around the corner, air conditioners have been enjoying great demand in the market. Air conditioners are available in split and window models. Homeowners who have proper space can install window AC due to economy and they are quite easy to install.

Blue Star (Rs. 24390 for 1.5 Ton Model)

Blue StarBlue Star is one of the best air conditioner brands in the country. It is enjoying popularity not just in India but also the world. They have service centers and stores at different countries like Malaysia, Singapore, USA and UK. The brand features latest technology for power saving and high cooling.

Carrier (Rs. 24900 for 1.5 Ton Model)

CarrierIt is yet another popular name in air conditioner market in India. It has earned significant fame to offer world-class window ACs with great features and they are quite accessible for even common people.

Hitachi (Rs. 26490 for 1.5 Ton Model)

HitachiIt is a Japanese brand offering world-class air conditioners. It has become the leading name in the Indian market. The brand is known for power saving, high strength and world-class features.

LG (Rs. 20920 for 1.5 Ton Model)

LG SmartphoneIf you are looking for the best air conditioner in India which is most reasonably priced in the market, be sure to choose LG. The brand is known for excellent features, world-class cooling for fresh and pure air without increasing electricity bills.

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Godrej (Rs. 27290 for 1.5 Ton)

GodrejGodrej is one of the oldest brands in India for consumer electronics, making it one of the top 10 best AC brands in India. This brand is known for great after sales service, affordable range and top quality products.

O General (Rs. 30990 for 1.5 Ton)

O GeneralIt is yet another name of trust, when it comes to durability and quality of window air conditioners. The brand is famous for low power consumption and great cooling.

Daikin (Rs. 27161 for 1.5 Ton)

DaikinIt is among the oldest air conditioner brands in India. Since 1924, it has been enjoying prominent position in the market. It has earned great reputation. It is offering window air conditioners using modern technology for great performance and less electricity bills.

Whirlpool (Rs. 26490 for 1.5 Ton)

WhirlpoolIf you are looking for quality products at reasonable prices, Whirlpool is the first choice of customers across the world. The starting range of 1.5 Ton window air conditioner is just Rs. 26490. Based in Michigan, US, Whirlpool is the leading home appliances manufacturer in the world. With its entry to India in 1987, Whirlpool is known to be the hottest favorite brands for home appliances. The air conditioners of Whirlpool are based on turbo cooling technology to provide great performance.

Haier (Starting from Rs. 18000)

HaierThe Chinese brand is ranked one of the leading air conditioner manufacturers in India. It sells, markets and manufactures huge range of consumer electronics like refrigerator, air conditioners, washing machines etc. The air conditioners are known for longevity, great cooling and excellent performance. Reliability and low power consumption are some of the excellent features setting Haier aside.

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Voltas (Rs. 20290 for 1.5 Ton)

VoltasVoltas is among the most recommended window AC brands. It is showcasing the huge range of affordable products and they all have amazing features when it comes to power saving and performance. Voltas Limited is the subsidiary of Indian giant – Tata Group. Voltas’ air conditioners are known for superior durability and performance. These days, All Weather Smart air conditioners from Voltas are getting popular. It is popular both in India and abroad.

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