Top 10 Cameras that Might Hit Markets in 2016

Even though the frequency of new model release in DSLR markets is lesser than the other technologies like smartphone or computer, yet over the past few years there had been quite a few number of DSLR releases over a short time gap. The upcoming year 2016 would probably be a breeding time for many flagship cameras to arrive, here’s a list of probable 10.

1. Nikon D5

Nikon D5Nikon has acknowledged their ongoing development on the next flagship series, the Nikon D5. As of rumors, Nikon D5 could sport a 20 MP full frame sensor with 15 fps continuous shooting mode and an intense high 173 point focus system majority of which would be cross type. The cleanest ISO could be as high as 12,800. Price – Rs. 355,599.

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2. Canon EOS 1Dx- Mark II

Canon EOD 1Dx- Mark IIIt’s been quite long since the 1Dx was introduced. However, rumors say Canon is at the verge of releasing its next Mark II version of EOS 1Dx which would most likely feature 24 MP full frame sensor with 14 fps RAW and around 18 fps JPEG burst shooting. Speaking of focus points, it could reach a figure around 80 cross type. Price – Rs. 459,499.

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