Top 10 Fastest Rappers in India

Rapping was an international art and mostly was born in the streets of America, but soon most countries caught up in the trend, and the country that flourished in this genre of music is India. India now thrives with the most number of rappers, so much so that there needs to be a list to make it easy for the listeners to identify the best and the fastest rappers in India. They have indeed made Bollywood a better place. Let us now see the best rappers of India.

1. Bohemia

BohemiaThis rapper is the creator of rapping in the Punjabi Language. He surely has an edge of his own as he has created something new and has popularized local language rapping. Roger David, better known by his stage name Bohemia or Raja is a Pakistani-American rapper, songwriter and record producer from California regarded as the first ever Punjabi rapper.

2. Badshah

BadshahInitially, he was the man who collaborated with Yo Yo Honey Singh and wrote most of the lyrics to the raps for him but gradually he started making a name of his own by singing his own raps. He is loved by all.

3. Hard Kaur

Hard KaurShe is the only Indian rapper who became so famous for her gigs and stints. She is a beautiful young woman with an awesome stage presence. No one can stand close to her rapping which is both powerful and melodious. She is the fastest Indian woman rapper ever.

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4. A-Bazz

A-Bazz is one of those rappers who though not that well known and does not have a huge fan following but that is just because of lack of exposure. If you listen to him, once you are sure to fall in love with his music. The best thing about him is that he is an untrained rapper, yet he raps so effortlessly keeping all technicalities in mind.

5. Nasty Mhatre

Not the best but his fastness led him to this list.

6. Yo Yo Honey Singh

He can surely be hailed as the master rapper of the times as he was the one who introduced as well as made the rapping culture popular in the Indian industry. Both young and old are fond of this kind soul who has the maximum number of hit songs to his name.

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7. Raftaar

Raftaar is mostly known for his famous song swag meradesi, and he’s is popular among his followers because he is one of those Indian rappers who thoroughly knows the Hip Hop trends and culture. He has a class of his own though he is a newbie.

8. Brodha V

This rapper from Bangalore is one of India’s fastest rapper. He is famous for his multilingual songs. He is multi-talented as he is a Composer, sound engineer, and recorded.

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9. Pardhaan

Pardhaan can be said the God of rapping as he is the favorite of Bohemia, who himself is the best. He is a Haryanvi rapper who was initially the crew member of Desi Beams. He knows his Hip Hop very well.

10. Dr. Zeus

He is known as the best music composer of the times. He is very fast and has a good sense of music.

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