Top 10 Greatest Leaders In The World

Leaders are people who have the ability to influence us. These people are born, come into the world and just due to their sheer presence and charisma, they use their leadership talent for the good things which have been a point of debating. Some of these leaders make an impact not only on the people they are leading, but the entire world thus making them greatest leaders of the world.

Here is the list of top 10 greatest leaders in the world who have made it to our world leaders’ list

10. Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro

He is a Cuban who is one of the faces of the Cuban Revolution, which started in the year 1953. He later on became the Cuban President and Prime Minister. He devised and placed into action the entire Cuban revolution which has placed Cuba on the world map. Due to his courage, vision and strategic analytic reasoning, he has faced many crises, problems, and many attempts of assassinations. He is one of the greatest leaders of the world and a great commander indeed.

9. Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great

He is well known as the man who conquered the world due to his contribution towards liberations. At the age of 33 years, he had the largest empire in the world. His empire ran from India to Greece up to Egypt. He might pass as the greatest military commander that ever lived on earth. As the greatest leader of all times, he is known to have done the noble thing of unifying the Greek city states. According to the fortune magazine,  he was undefeated in battle and only died in 323 BC due to malaria. His strong points were military capabilities, foresight, and vision.

8.Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

The most important time a leader is to show his greatness, is during times of adversity. He was the British’s Prime Minister during the WWII. Though he was an emotional man, his victory as one of the greatest leaders came when he managed to motivate others to defend themselves against the Nazis. This he did through his patriotic, determination and perseverance towards the nation which motivated the Britishers to go forward and win the war by being helped by the Allies. His slogan “Keep calm and carry on” made him to win the hearts of many and also win the war.

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