Top 10 Greatest Mathematicians of all time

Mathematics is considered to be fundamental subject to our understanding of the universe and is very important in modern society. Mathematics has made a great impact everywhere you go, from your kitchen faucets to the satellite which telecasts your favorite TV shows.  There are some great mathematicians who stood above the rest and created history.

10. Sir Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibniz

They both have given huge contributor to the modern society as the inventor of infinitesimal calculus. Leibniz has introduced modern standard notation. He made huge contributions to the Topology field. Isaac Newton has become the leading man as the inventor of calculus.

Sir Isaac Newton and Wilhelm Leibniz

9. Pythagoras of Samos

He is a Greek mathematician who is among the first great mathematicians. In modern Greece, he is among the one who founded Pythagorean cult around 570 to 495 BC. He is one of the first groups who actively studied mathematics. He is credited to introduce Pythagoras Theorem in Trigonometry.

Pythagoras of Samos

8. Andrew Wiles

He is the only living mathematician listed here. His dedicated to mathematics is appreciated by most. He is the contemporary genius. He has contributed to the modern world. He shut himself for 7 years to find out the proof of Fermat Last Theorem.

Andrew Wiles

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