Top 10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars of 2016

Just about anybody that can   link a tool that may shoot video to an online association can transfer those files onto the web site YouTube. The YouTube can have Reactions of fans attending a sporting event. You can even get an individual acting a song or another reasonably amusement routine. Many new mothers make video of their toddler and post it on YouTube. These are simply a couple of of the various kinds of videos that one might realize whereas looking out on YouTube. People that transfer these files are, a lot of typically than not, not trying to form fortunes through the web site, but then there are top 10 highest paid YouTube stars of 2016.

10. Rosanna Pansino: $2.5 Million

Rosanna PansinoAre you fan of The star of the “Nerdy Nummies” videos and this is the first person on the list of the best paid YouTube stars for 2016. Rosanna Pansino had over 4.8 million YouTube followers as of the posting of this piece. Along side posting videos for her “geeky baking show,” Pansino has additionally used YouTube to launch her music video and song “Perfect together.” That song is often purchased by fans via iTunes and Google Play. Pansino declared in 2016 that she would be launch cookbook.

9. Roman Atwood: $2.5 Million

Roman AtwoodRoman Atwood is another famous YouTube user that you simply need to follow from currently on. Atwood has earned himself quite the name owing to the various pranks that he has attained and showcased on YouTube. Atwood has, as of October 2016, over 7.5 million followers on the web site. In step with the Forbes story, Atwood has, within the past, had a relationship with Nisan, one that resulted within the YouTube phenom being showcased during a video for the corporate. He is one of the most loved and famous star and also highly paid.

8. Lilly Singh: $2.5 Million

Lilly SinghLilly Singh is, one of the famous stars among teenage girls, famously known as “Superwomen” of the video web site. The comedian may be a girl of the many abilities, and she has picked up a broad fan base owing to her humorous videos. Singh had a shade with 7 million followers on YouTube as of October 2016. One in all her videos, titled “How women prepare,” has earned Singh over fifteen million hits on YouTube. She is also highly paid YouTube star in toys time.

7. Michelle Phan: $3 Million

Michelle PhanAnybody trying to create a reputation online then follows the footsteps of Michelle Phan. Phan’s videos have earned her over eight million followers on YouTube as of the posting of this piece. It’s not been all sunshine and rainbows for Phan over the years, however, as she was forced to settle with extremist Records over a number of the music that she utilized in her videos. Continuously get the correct permission before adding tunes to your videos, would-be YouTube stars. but she is one of the most loved YouTube star.

6. KSI: $4.5 Million

KSIAlmost eleven million folks have signed to the YouTube page of gamer, musician and comedian KSI. You must have seen his video videos that featured him enjoying versions of the favored FIFA game series.  His video since branched out and embraced different comes that don’t involve that game. KSI has launched a music video and songs, and he has uploaded videos of pranks. Whereas YouTube has unquestionably been kind to KSI since his 1st began uploading videos, he has career dreams that transcend simply the web.

5. Rhett & Link: $4.5 Million

Rhett & LinkRhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III are very well known star on YouTube and they are famous among fans as  “Rhett & Link.” The comedy couple has over three million subscribers on YouTube as of the posting of the Forbes story, somewhat of a coffee figure after you contemplate the opposite stars that are mentioned during this piece. As is explained within the Forbes piece, Rhett & Link are good because it pertains to business deals. they need had partnerships with corporations comparable to Wendy’s, Toyota, and industrialist.

4. Lindsey Stirling: $6 Million

Lindsey StirlingLindsey Stirling would really like to possess a word with you that take. Stirling’s jaw-dropping videos have created her one in all the best paid YouTube stars out there these days, and that they have earned her over seven million subscribers on the web site. Also her career that has created her a wealthy person and a celeb, Stirling has used her fame to provide back to causes. One such project concerned Stirling raising cash to “help underserved kids have bigger access to musical opportunities.”

3. Fine Brothers: $8.5 Million

Fine BrothersHave you seen the YouTube page for what’s called Fine Brothers entertainment that has over thirteen million YouTube subscribers? Benny and Rafi Fine became thus in style among users of the web site for a series of videos that showed folks reacting to different videos. Kids, teenagers and additionally adults have had roles in these videos over the years. Other than YouTube videos, they also have had programs air on TV networks record player and Tru TV. Their success made them richest YouTube stars.

2. Smosh: $8.5 Million

SmoshYou must know that Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla are the two men that are the sketch comedy couple that’s called Smosh. As Per the story on the Forbes web site, those 2 are rather busy running 5 YouTube pages. They went from web-based act that had massive fan following in big screen in the summer of 2016 once Smosh: The picture was launched. The YouTube stars have created many bucks via the web site the recognized names that are scheduled to be a part of the Angry Birds movie that’s set to be lunched by the summer of 2016.

1. PewDiePie: $12 Million

PewDiePieFelix Kjellberg has been far-famed to be a personal person once not “on,” and also the highest paid star that he has made of his videos may be a subject you must not talk about if you meet him. He once told Icon magazine that he was “extremely uninterested in talking regarding what proportion I make.” After you are creating $12 million a year off of YouTube, you’ll be able to have any perspective you wish.



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