Top 10 Infamous Blunders of World’s History

You may have heard the well-known saying “To Err is Human” which is often used to cover mistakes. Small mistakes hardly affect our lives. If blunders are committed by religious centers, government officials and high authorities, it can cause disasters. Let’s recall some of the infamous blunders committed by eminent authorities in the world’s history.

1. India’s Partition

Millions of human beings were slaughtered in this genocide. The division of India and Pakistan caused the death of over 400,000 people. Both Hindus and Muslims faced atrocities and movement from one country to another.  Before independence, these countries were one and the community of both Muslim and Hindu used to live with harmony. It caused mass killing and mass mitigation. Around 14 million Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs were affected.

India’s Partition

2. Animals Slaughtered in Nepal

This ritual is followed in the gap of every five years in Nepal. A huge number of innocent animals are slaughtered in the name of religion to impress the goddess of power, Mata Gadhimai. Also known as Gadhimai Festival, the ritual is followed by over 2 million devotees. It is believed that sacrificing these animals will end their despair and bring prosperity in their lives.

Animals Slaughtered in Nepal

3. Burden of Virtue in Jainism

Jainism is one of the oldest religious in the world and Lord Mahavira is the prime prophet of this religion. The good deeds (virtue) and bad deeds are considered to be the iron chains of mankind. The religious emphasis on isolation and salvation are the major troubles. A lot of Jain monks choose to stay in isolation.

Infamous Blunders

4. Disillusion of Allopathic Medicine

Allopathic medicine is considered to be a blessing for medical science that can cure a lot of diseases. But allopathic medicine has side effects and people use it more often. According to WHO, consuming it for a long time can cause damage to your immune system.

5. Jesus Christ’s Assassination

Jesus Christ is the “Father of Christianity” and the son of god, according to Bible. Pontius Pilate arrested the Messiah and sentenced him to be scourge and crucified. The exact day of his killing is still unknown. But it was Friday according to Bible.

Jesus Christ’s Assassination

6. Mummified Theory

The ancient Egyptians had complex set of burial procedure. They do it to ensure the immortality of the person after death. They keep the mummified body in pyramid. This theory was actually a blunder. This orthodox act caused death of so many living people.

Mummified Theory

7. Pearl Harbor Incident

Japan is the country which is economically powerful in the world. An American Naval ship invaded the coast of Japan in July 1853 and warned the nation to allow free entry to American goods or they will create conflict. Japan agreed this time but they attacked Pearl Harbor on December 1941. This act made America angry and the country dropped nuclear bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Pearl Harbor Incident

8. Yeltsin’s Economic Reform in Russia

Borris Yeltsin became Russia’s first president after independence in June 1992. He was looking to make country economically developed and he introduced capitalism theory in the nation but it caused disaster.

Yeltsin’s Economic Reform in Russia

9. Ken’s Blunder

One of the most evil activities, murder is still going on for a long time in the world. Our law and modern society announced death sentences for this crime. According to an Old Bible Testament, there was a guy ‘Cain’ who has jealousy with his brother, Abel. He killed his brother as he thought that parents loved him more. The idea of murder formed with this incident.

Ken’s Blunder

10. Karl Marx Fallacy

He felt bad when working class was suffering because of powerful people. So he developed a theory of serving human by the government. But it was a collapse of communism in Soviet Union.

Karl Marx Fallacy

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