Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys in the World

There are around 280 species of monkeys in the world. Monkeys are supposed to be very intelligent species on earth. Here is the list of most amazing monkeys.

1. Orangutan

They are one of the exclusive Asian monkey species of great apes. They are found in Malaysia and Indonesia. Orangutans are known to be found only in the rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo. They have shaggy, thin, reddish-brown hair. These monkeys have powerful, long arms and strong hands to manipulate tools.


2. Dusky Leaf Monkey

The Spectacled Langur, Dusky leaf monkey or spectacled leaf monkey is the primate species which comes from Cercopithecidae family. This species is found in Burma, Malaysia and Thailand.

Dusky Leaf Monkey


3. Gelada Monkeys

Also known as Gelada baboons, the gelada monkeys are the species from Old World monkey family that was found in Ethiopian Highlands only. They are found in Semian Mountains only. Just like its closest relatives baboons, this monkey species is widely terrestrial and forage the grasslands most of the time.

Gelada Monkeys

4. Japanese Macaque

Also called as snow monkey, the Japanese macaque lives in different areas where ground is covered by snow for months. It is called as Nihonzaru in Japan and it is different from other primates. It is familiar in Japan. It is also known as Saru by the local Japanese people.

Japanese Macaque

5. White Headed Langur

Also called as Cat Ba Langur or golden-headed langur, the white-headed langur is among the most endangered primate species in Asia. It is found only in southern China in Guangxi province. It is known to be among the 25 most endangered species in the world. It is known to be declined by 80% over the past three generations. Only 70 langurs are left of this kind in the world.

White Headed Langur

6. Baboon

It is the large primate species which is found mostly in the Democratic Republic in Central Africa and Arabian nations. Baboons may have different weights and sizes according to species. For example, the largest Chacma Baboon weighs around 40 kg and 120 cm long, and Guinea baboon weighs just 14 kg and is 50 cm long.


7. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

It is actually an Old World monkey that belongs to Colobinae family. It is found mostly in a small area in mountainous, temperate forests of Southwest and central China. It is also known as Sichuan Golden Hair monkey in China. It is widely known as Sichuan snub-nosed monkey. It is one of the most commonly found out of three snub-nosed monkey species.

Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

8. Red Shanked Douc

It is actually the Old World monkey species and is one of the most colorful of all primate species. It is often known as the “costumed apes” because of their huge appearance. It has maroon-red stockings from knees to the ankles and it seems that they have worn white gloves of forearm length. Their black feet and hands finish its attire. There is a white ruff framed in the golden face and it is usually fluffier in males. They have soft eyelids and white tail with white hair triangle at their base. Males have white spot on either side of rump patch, and white and red genitals.

Red Shanked Douc

9. Francois Langur

Also known as Tonkin leaf monkey, Francois leaf monkey or side-burned, black langur, Francois langur is a Lutung species. It is found from Southwest China to Northeast Vietnam.

Francois Langur

10. Proboscis Monkey

This long-nosed monkey is an Old World monkey which is found mostly in Borneo and it is known as bekantan in Malay. It is actually an endemic to this Southeast Asian island. It has large noses and bellies.

Proboscis Monkey

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