Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

All countries are facing problems very hard to vanish – corruption. Corruption occurs in any areas of the globe. It sometimes happens in everyone’s life. Corruption is said to spread with no exemption. Even the safest and the most productive countries are involved with it. In fact, no country ever received the score of 100 or got a “very clean” image. In contrary, no country ever scored as 0 or “highly corrupt” when we talk about fraudulence.

Most Corrupt Country


When it comes to the state’s duplicity, considering the most corrupt countries is a lot more important than focusing only to those who got the least. Because the most corrupt country needs more attention. There are hundreds of allegedly corrupt countries today but we are just going to focus on the top 10 corrupt countries on Earth.

If your country is on the list, don’t worry. The top corrupt countries do not really mean the worst countries because corruption is just one of the nation’s predicaments, not really the main.

Most Corrupt Countries in the World Scored from Lowest to Highest

10. Eritrea

eritrea corruption

Eritrea is a small and relatively poor country located in Africa. When the country began opening its borders to foreign investments, some government officials take benefit of their positions for personal revenues. With undeveloped economic and political framework, the country also faces corruption issues. The country experiences a lot of trouble but their economy becomes the main concern of the foreign investors. Eritrea needs a suitable and responsible party that can successfully challenge for power and sort out its internal problems.

9. Egypt

Egypt corruption

Egypt has made its great tramps due to incredible tourist attractions. This country is the site of the world’s earliest and greatest civilizations and its location has been put at the center of social and religious activities. However, the country still faces a high level of unemployment, poverty and illiteracy. Crime issue increases and violence is widely spread. The social and political uncertainties affect its economy too much.

8. Libya

The Libya country experiences a massive downfall due to various protests as well as fighting between rebels and government. Corrupt military increases and takes profits by pitting their own fellow countrymen. Energy is the Libya’s most important source of earnings but the country still hoping for a new reliable government who is responsible for making improvements. Libya is currently operating under a transitional government but remains very vulnerable to a wide variety of outside interference.

7. Algeria

Algeria is the other country located in North Africa which is considered to be the largest nation by size in the Arab world. The vast majority of citizens are Muslims and the national language used is Arabic. The country’s proud exports are natural gas and oil. Despite their triumph on energy exports, Algeria still faces many economic challenges including unemployment and inequality among different regions.

6. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan finds it hard to get higher rates in tourism because of so many trouble issues. In fact, there is no much economy increase happen in a recent couple of years. The country’s economy mostly relies on agriculture. There is so many foreign investors run-in with the country but most of them being accused of not following laws. Uzbekistan continues attracting more business and financial improvements but bribery still comes along the way.

5. Russia

Russia is considered to be the world’s largest country by land mass and shares land borders to more than 12 different countries. The country’s deep history has nurtured over cultural contributions in science and arts such as the launched of the first artificial satellites. Russia is also a country being known for its productivity which makes it as one of the world’s largest economies due to the ownership of various natural resources that includes oil, gas, fishing and forestry. Russia is the second most powerful country in the world yet the country still becomes the topnotch of corruption.

4. Turkmenistan

This country has been bordered by dangerous neighborhoods and with the constant chaos all over the middle-east; corrupt affairs have been very easy. Turkmenistan describes itself as a secular democracy and prudential republic where the government resembles an authoritarian dictatorship. The country’s power struggled that had left the nation vulnerable and highly corrupt since the Soviet Union collapsed.

3. Sudan

The African nation of Sudan has embraced the grasp of war for many years. The conflicts between competing factions and ethnic groups are one of the main causes why it’s been so hard for the country to operate efficiently from their unmoved economic status. This federal republic has not been able to successfully repair the country’s growing issues even after the try of many rulers. As a result, about 65% of Sudan’s citizens live in a poverty line. Getting rid of corrupt officials and violent conflicts can possibly solve these dilemmas.

2. North Korea

North Korea’s power structure is a dictatorship. The country was known to be the world’s biggest wildcard where corruption has been immensely popular. North Korea has been notorious for sending citizens to prison camps and making electricity too thriftily distributed. Although this country receives some support in China, but they still have had problems for producing not enough fuel and foods for their own residents. Unless the hope for change arrives, the country will remain to be the world’s top corrupt nation.

1. Nigeria

Nigeria is a federal republic and becomes to be the most populous country in Africa and considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The lifeline of the country’s economic growth is oil as well as cocoa and rubber but Nigerian people never see much of those earnings. 75% of the nation’s children never experience the beauty of school and majority of the countrymen live in poverty. The well-known and deadly diseases such as HIV and AIDS can also be found highly in the country. However, Nigerian government tries to make improvements by forming alliances with several neighboring countries in order to fight terrorism.


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