Top 10 Most Corrupt Parties in the World

What are the political parties and what do they do? A political party is an alliance of people who work together and compete against one another to win political power. Political parties do recruit candidates. They organize and run elections. They present their philosophies and policies to gain chances of completion. Moreover, political parties live and accept responsibilities for governmental operations.

People, in any part of the world, raise their struggles, problems and concerns to political parties. Unfortunately, because of the goals for power, idealism and greed, people’s needs often placed on the backseat and neglected. Because of aiming power for personal interest, some political parties become ruthless and do corruption that leads them to be a member of the most corrupt political party ever existed.

Corruption is the most terrible disease of the government but some people are not aware of it. Some people are not aware that there are top corrupt countries with the most corrupt party who deceive countrymen to fill their own necessitates. The world’s most corrupt countries still create a big impact in our world today so let’s take the time to consider the top 10 corrupt countries together with the most corrupt parties.

World’s Most Corrupt Parties Ever Existed from Least to Most

10. Soviet Union’s Communist Party

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union is the major political party of Russia. This party is a gigantic and monopolistic ruling group that conquered the political, cultural and economic life of millions of Russian residents. The party controls all the legal and constitutional documents that supposedly to be handled by the government. However, the party fully vanished in 1991.

Soviet Union’s Communist Party

9. Communist Party of China

This communist party maintained a unitary administration that centralized the nation, military and media existence. The legal power of CPC is guaranteed by the national constitution but it stands above the law because of the Leninist roots of the party. The communist party still has a global superpower under a one-party socialist state. Though the political group seems to leap forward, their coalition has resulted to enormous famine, suffering, and scarcity throughout the country.

Communist Party of China

8. NAZI or the party of the National Socialistic German Workers

The so-called ruthless man Adolf Hitler was the leader of this party from the year 1934 to 1945. When he became the ruler, he encouraged anti-communism and anti-Semitism as he instituted a dictatorship. Massive sufferings, famine, and death were the results of his leadership. He assumed a foreign policy of world invasion where millions of Jews died as well as his other political opponents and everyone who won’t obey to him had experience brutal death effortlessly.

NAZI or the party of the National Socialistic German Workers

7. Nationalist Fascist Party

Benito Mussolini made this party in 1922 as doing Fascist movement where he created secret police to destroy all political oppositions. That time also happens when he became the 27th prime minister of Italy and ruled the country with outlawed labor strikes. The dictatorship was then made when Mussolini and his followers fused their power through a succession of laws. He ruled Italy as a dictator but in 1943 his leadership dismissed.

Nationalist Fascist Party

6. Kuomintang

After the death of Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek created Kuomintang or the so-called Nationalist Party. The Western democracy, as well as the nationalistic democratic socialism, has been rejected by Chiang Kai-shek for the sake of his new life movement. This nationalist government forced people in Taiwan to obligatory obey the martial law. Most people oppose to have this kind of leadership but there are some people who dare to embrace this kind of rulers.


5. Vietnam’s Communist Party

The party was established in 1925 for the preparation of revolutionary struggle against colonial French in order to gain prominence in occupation. The party imprisoned thousand of non-communists in the nation and forced to flee about six thousand of travelers. There are hundreds of political opponents have been exiled in the country at the same time.

Vietnam’s Communist Party

4. National Progressive Front

The National Progressive Front is a joint alliance of the other parties in Arab, Iraq and Kurdistan. In 1979, the Iraqi Communist Party was pulled out while leaving sufferings to Kurdish Democratic Party. The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party stands still but limits the sovereignty of the other party members who are very faithful to the government. The party surrenders to the fullest when its leaders are gone. The leaders are either being arrested or exiled but there are no really exact records why they leave the group.

National Progressive Front

3. Kilusang Bagong Lipunan in Philippines

In 1978, the New Society Movement or the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan formed due the coalition of Umbrella Party and the other different parties. The party gained assistance from the former president Ferdinand Marcos who imposed Martial Law where neglected numerous human rights and had killed thousands of Filipinos. The said party ordered to arrest all leaders who oppose. The said president was well-known at the same time to be one of the most corrupt leaders in the world during the era.

Kilusang Bagong Lipunan in Philippines

2. Progressive Action Party

The Cuba was once under the Democratic Socialist Coalition but then later the nation lives under the dictatorship when Fulgencio Batista elected and became a tough dictator of the country. Batista did not win the election in 1952 that led him to create a military revolution and forced everyone to obey the dictatorial rule. Batista’s corrupt regime exploited the country’s commercial profits. This has been done by negotiating American Mafias, taking control the gambling, the drugs and the prostitution businesses in hand. His leadership resulted in widespread violence, tortures, and deaths of more than twenty thousand people.

Progressive Action Party

1. National Resistance Movement

The movement strengthens its power after the party’s strong military wing. This party gets embarked to the government as it established a ‘no party democracy’ by Yoweri Museveni. The party and his leadership are full of controversies particularly the war issues that caused millions of people to death. Conflicts happen especially when his presidential term involves huge harassment of democratic oppositions.

National Resistance Movement

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