Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Let’s mention the world’s favorite full sport, MMA, for a moment. Declivitous from the Greek sport of Pankration, fashionable MMA has become one amongst the foremost watched sports on TV. Nearly one million folks tune to observe UFC on pay-per-view; lately, the game is price brim over $3.5 billion. Now, we have a tendency to won’t question the morality of observance 2 combatants beat absolutely the crap out of every different. Quaint Pankration was a hybrid of boxing and wrestling that had no rules; sort of like early MMA fights. Every game is difficult and need proper training and then we have 10 sports more dangerous than mma.

10. Football: 9+ Deaths

FootballWhen it comes to dangerous sports then no list can be complete without mentioning the Football. Initially when the sports have been started it was very brutal than its now. Now players are equipped with rudimentary protective equipments but still they sometimes go through crushed skulls and broken ribs piercing soft tissue. They have to practice the game all year long to maintain their skill and fitness that lead them to serious injuries due to helmet-to-helmet collisions. The players also getting serious illness like Parkinson’s disease and depression in later stages.

9. Rugby: 12+ Deaths

RugbyRugby is rough game and when 13 burly players on either team fighting against each other for 80 minutes will definitely lead them for some serious injuries. They only use mouth guard and spiked boots as protection when players carry the ball down the field. Rugby players have to use their full body in then game from use of shoulder barging, body checking and the lifting tackle. Rough handling and collision had been the reason for various deaths of over a dozen professional players since 2001.

8. Wrestling: 13+ Deaths

WrestlingWrestling as all know and understand that scripted but sometimes wrestler’s moves for opponent gets really rough because they have to make them realistic to the viewers. When wrestler gets serious in convincing the viewers their opponents get serious injuries. Their life as wrestlers is not easy because they have to fight over 270 days in a year that requires a lot of stamina and practice. To maintain the look and body they have to take steroids, mixing of medication and other PEDs that leads to heart attacks and brain damage.

7. Eventing: 18+ Deaths

EventingEventing is another deadly game which is described as the equestrian triathlon. The game includes show-jumping, dressage and endurance riding. The player needs strong practice session as during jumping and eventing, horses have to jump over and around various obstacles with certain speed. This gets really difficult to the animal that leads them to exhaustion. When horses miss the obstacle they fell on the ground and on top of the rider that can be fatal. As per a report it has been mention that more than 12 rider deaths in eventing competitions worldwide.

6. Cycling: 22 Deaths

CyclingMany of you will say cycling really? How dangerous can it get but for your knowledge 22 deaths has been recorded so far in cycling competitions. It has been seen that when cyclist fall they fall on the pavement every time and when it’s a cycle race then you will in a group and racing with a speed of up to 45 mph. when a person fall then there are many cyclist fall behind and get serious injuries that includes head injuries, fractured ribs, musculoskeletal injuries and many more.

5. Sailing Yacht Racing: 30+ Deaths

Sailing Yacht RacingModern motorboat racing is far different from ancient time when single-hulled sailboats used now the racer has the high-tech racing boats with rigid sails and carbon fiber hulls balanced on hydrofoils. These changes has given speed and made the sailing enjoyable. Sailor now sail F1-style sail boats that can go up to 60 mph, without brakes over rolling seas. The sailor meets serious accident that leads to death. As per a report Over 30 sailors have died in competitions so far.

4. Car Racing: 40 Deaths

Car RacingWhen it car racing then accidents are almost guaranteed and it can be really dangerous and fatal in many cases. Although car technology is improving every year to make the racing safe for the racer but in really things are really deterrent. Car racing is still a very dangerous sport due to weather and driver error. When two cars collide then it get more fatal and dangerous for the both driver. The drivers can get injuries like smashed bones, excessive blood loss, and trauma to the head and death in some cases.

3. Motorcycle Racing: 48+ Deaths

Motorcycle RacingMotorcycle racing is another most fatal game that has recorded 48+ deaths so far. The racer here does not have much of protection just some body protection and helmet for head. Almost, every racer comes across broken bones and third-degree abrasions, which is also considered to be minor accidents in motorcycle racing. Motorcycle is considered to be the oldest race and almost thousands descend on the Isle of Man for six days, every year. It is one of the most dangerous trophies on the earth so far.

2. Soccer: 67 Deaths

SoccerSoccer is one of the most favorite games worldwide and it is one second position for being the most dangerous game because it has recorded 67 deaths so far. It is very exhausting game as player has to run behind the ball for 90 minutes while moving a ball with only your feet and reach the goal. Here players do not have much of protective gears that lead to bruises and bloodied limbs, shin splints an sometimes head injuries.

1. BASE Jumping: 219 Deaths

BASE JumpingBASE Jumping is not a game for weak hearts as it get really dangerous and recorded 219 deaths so far. The BASE jumping can include jumping out of a plane or off a mountain. It also featured in many Hollywood movies like xXx, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, and Die another Day etc. it has recorded maximum death and it is also considered as more dangerous than skydiving. The player has to jump from cliffs, which is a built up areas that are near power lines.

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