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As everybody say books are your best friend, if you don’t have many friends then should make books your friends. A good book will help you to develop the empathy, audacity that gives you strength, and it also helps you to get connected with people around. There are many nonfictional and life biography available that help you in gaining confidence in every situation so that you can fight back. When you have perfect book in your hand that you gain not only the knowledge but it enlighten you to become a better individual. Here we are providing you list of 10 most expensive Book in the world.

The Codex Leicester, Leonardo da Vinci — $30.8 million

The Codex Leicester, Leonardo da VinciThe Codex Leicester is one of the most expensive, famous and oldest books by Leonardo da Vinci. This book is expensive for many reason first it is a 72-page notebook which has the great thinker’s handwritten musings and theories almost on everything. Many people have benefited out of this book but later this was purchased by none other than Bill Gates at auction for $30,800,000.

The Gospels of Henry the Lion, Order of Saint Benedict — $11.7 million

The Gospels of Henry the Lion, Order of Saint BenedictThe Gospels of Henry the Lion is one of the most amazing books ever written. It is a 266 pages book that has the 50 full-page illustrations. The book is a marvel that has described the 12th century Romanesque in most amazing way. The book is commissioned by Henry the Lion. This masterpiece was purchased by the German government at Sotheby’s of London in 1983 for $11.7 million.

Birds of America, James Audubon — $11.5 million

Birds of America, James AudubonBirds of America is another expensive book and was created by James Audubon. Inthe year 2000Christie’s auctioned off a copy and only 119 copies are available for this incredible book. at London at Sotheby’s the copy of this book was sold for £7,321,250 or about $11.5 million. it is one of the most famous books and it deserve to be in the list of expensive books.

The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer — $7.5 million

The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey ChaucerThe Canterbury Tales is the first edition of the 15th century bawd-fest which is written by Geoffrey Chaucer and the book wassold for £4.6m or about $7.5 million in 1998 at Christie’s in London.  The copy which was sold in London was the last copy to be held privately. it is one of the most amazing books and quite famous among collectors.

First Folio, William Shakespeare — $6 million

First Folio, William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare is one of the greatest writer ever born and everything he had written were marvel. The First Folio is one of the famous books by the legend WilliamShakespeare. The original price of this book wasa single pound but today each copy of this incredible book is sold at a huge price of $6 million. Paul Allen Microsoft co-founder purchased a copy of it for $6,166,000.

The Gutenberg Bible — $4.9 millionThe Gutenberg BibleThe Gutenberg Bible is one of the most expensive books in the world and its copysold in 1987 for a then-record $4.9 million at Christie’s New York. Only 48 copies are available of this incredible book. The book printed with movable types which exist in the world. It is most incredible books you can ever come across and favorite among collectors.

Traité des arbresfruitiers [Treatise on Fruit Trees] by Henri Louis Duhamel du Monceau, illustrated by Pierre Antoine Poiteau and Pierre Jean François Turpin — $4.5 million

Traité des arbresfruitiers [Treatise on Fruit Trees] by Henri Louis Duhamel du Monceau, illustrated by Pierre Antoine Poiteau and Pierre Jean François TurpinThis amazing book deserves to be in the list and it is also the most expensive book ever written about fruit trees. In this book you will get information on sixteen different varieties.  Collectors love the copy of this lush, five volume set of illustrations.

Geographia Cosmographia, Claudius Ptolemy — $4 million

Geographia Cosmographia, Claudius PtolemyGeographia Cosmographia is one of the unique books because it is the world’s first printed atlas. This atlas was created by Claudius Ptolemy and you will get theengraved illustrations in this book which is also unique at that point of time. This book was sold at a huge price of 2,136,000, or almost $4 millionat Sotheby’s London in 2006.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard, J.K. Rowling — $3.98 million

The Tales of Beedle the Bard, J.K. RowlingThe Tales of Beedle the Bard is one of the most famous books by J.K. Rowling. The writer has createdseven original copies and each one of them are handwritten and illustrated by Rowling. When the book was created it was given to friends of the write and one to the editor. But in the year 2007, one of the copy was on auction.

The First Book of Urizen, William Blake — $2.5 million

The First Book of Urizen, William BlakeThe First Book of Urizen was printed in 1794, and one of the copies was sold at Sotheby’s New York in 1999 for $2.5 million and purchased by a private collector. The book was written by famous write William Blake.

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