Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Cats are one of the most loved and popular pets across the world. Cats top the list of most owned animals in USA and they are second to none among most loved animals. According to their purity and rarity of species, their prices may vary. Here are the most expensive and luxurious cat breeds money can buy –

10. British Shorthair – $500 to $1500

It is an even-tempered, quiet breed. They make loyal pets which love to stay a low-profile life. They are famous for their vigor and health. It is a powerful and compact breed with wide, round face and head. British Shorthair have very short, dense coat which comes in different colors and that are solid to touch. They don’t have double coat and it is easier to take care of them. Be sure to provide regular grooming.

British Shorthair

9. Scottish Fold – $200 – $3000

They are intelligent, faithful and easy to befriend with new people and adaptable to new environments. When they are born, their ears are straight, but fold within three weeks. Though their ears are folded tightly, they are fully functional. It is a fun-loving breed which loves playing fetch and they bond with homeowners easily.

 Scottish Fold

8. Sphynx – $300 – $3000

It is one of the most popular cat breeds. They are hairless and they look very unique and weird. But you have to provide proper treatment.


7. Russian Blue – $400 – $3000

These cats are famous and they are very curious, playful and intelligent. It is popular to get connected to other pets and kids in household.

Russian Blue

6. Manx – $800 – $4000

It’s a great household pet with active, fun-loving personality. These cats play with other pets and enjoy fetch very well. They are great jumpers due to their exceptional gait. They have different tail lengths and have higher mortality rate than average. But they should be bred carefully to avoid physical deformities.


5. Peterbald – $1200 – $5000

It is born with the experimental mating of a Donskoy and a female World Champion, Oriental Shorthair. This is a smart, curious and lively breed which has graceful, slim and muscular body.


4. Maine Coon – Around $1000

It is one of the largest cat breeds. It has broad chest, strong build, wide-set eyes and large ears. They come in different colors and they are likely to have plush, long tails. It is easy-going, gentle breed. They can easily befriend with other pets and children.

Maine Coon

3. Bengal – Around $25000

They are very attractive and beautiful domestic cat breed. It is a hybrid breed which is born by the cross of an Asian Leopard cat and a domestic feline. The breed finally has a gentle temperament after passing three generations of original crossing.


2. Savannah – Around $20000 to $50000

This cat breed is exceptionally beautiful and it looks quite similar to the African Serval, its ancestor. It can be recognized with its spotted coat that can have tan, brown, black or silver spots. They have tall, large ears over the top of head. It is a fun-loving, curious breed. They are active and loyal and they need daily attention and interaction. This breed has no health problems, irrespective of their unique appearance. The cost of this breed matches to its rareness.


1. Ashera – Around $100,000

It is a hybrid cat breed which is formed by the cross of a domestic housecat and the Asian Leopard cat. It is very affectionate, sensible and loyal breed. There is still a doubt on the authenticity of this breed. When it comes to DNA testing, Ashera cats are known to be Savannah cats.


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