Top 10 Most Popular & Spoken Languages in the World

There are around 7000 languages spoken across the world, but only dozens are most spoken and most popular languages. Language is one of the direct and most impressive ways to understand the thoughts of others and to communicate with others.

It is no denying the fact that you may have great difficulty to explain what you want to say if you don’t know any language. So, language is, indeed, the most important part of our daily life. From our birth to death, language is very important as it is the way to feel, to ask, to tell and to understand others. As per the cultural and geographical differences, there are many different languages spoken in various regions. Here, we have listed the top 10 most spoken and oldest language in the world.

10. French (220 million)


This language belongs to the Indo-European family and it is apparently descendent from Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Spanish and Catalan languages. It is officially spoken in 29 nations including France, Monaco, Southern Belgium, and Western Switzerland among several communities in Canada. In European Union, it is second most-widely spoken language.  With around 220 million speakers across the world, it is one of the topmost spoken languages having rich history for being an international language of diplomacy, commerce and literature.

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