Top 10 Oldest Languages in the World

There are around 6000 languages spoken in the world these days. Languages were bought 1000s of years ago and finding out the oldest one is a hot topic today. Researchers constantly look for the evidence to find out the oldest language in the world. So, different experts have different opinions. Let’s have a look at top 10 oldest languages in the world.


latin language

Also known as Old Latin, the Latin language was introduced in and around 75 BC. Latin was spoken by the victors of several battles and wars fought on Italian peninsula. This language has gained a lot of importance when it was the formal language in Roman Empire. Latin is still spoken and taught in higher education courses and several words are found in various modern languages like English.


Dates back to 600 BC, the Korean Language is spoken by around 65 million people who live in the peninsula and its islands along with 5.5 million Koreans in different parts of the world. All Koreans write and speak world oldest language, which is the important factor in their great national identity.


This Indo-European language has a long-back history as the oldest spoken language by Armenians. Its oldest surviving text is a Bible translation from fifth century. It is yet another oldest language which was introduced around 450 BC. Over 5 million Armenians speak this language as their mother tongue.


According to the research, a huge part of Arabic and Hebrew languages are brought from Aramaic language. It has been proved to be among the oldest known languages and the diplomatic documents state that the language dates back to 1000 BC. In different dialects, modern Aramaic is spoken in today’s Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Lebanon and several Western nations with which native speakers have been emigrated, such as Europe, Russia, US and Australia.


Hebrew language is around 3000 years old, which originates in 1000 BC. It is known to be the official language of Israel and the ancient Semitic language. It was a written language for several years, specifically for sacred texts. It is both a written and spoken language today. It ties together the Jewish community.


The earliest evidence was found in 1450 BC of this language. Mostly, Greek is spoken in Albania, Greece, and Cyprus, by around 13 million individuals. This language has rich and long history due to which it has become the oldest European language.


The first written records date back to the Zhou Dynasty and from 3000 years to 1200 BC. Chinese language has constantly been evolved over time and is spoken by around 1.2 billion people as their mother tongue. It is also one of the most popular languages across the world.


According to the researchers, Sanskrit has tremendously influenced several European languages and it is originated from Tamil language. Dates back to 3000 BC, Sanskrit is the classical language and it is still one of the official languages in India, despite having limited use.


It is an oldest language in Egypt. It belongs to the family of Afro-Asiatic languages. The Tomb walls having autobiographical letters in Old Egyptian language date back 2600 BC to 2000 BC. It is a varied and considerable literature in Egypt. Currently, Egyptian is known as the liturgical language in Coptic Church.


It is around 5000 years old and the literature of this language is varied and vast. Tamil is among the longest surviving languages across the world. According to a survey conducted around 14 years ago, around 1863 newspapers were published in Tamil but it is still used now.


According to several scholars, the origins of the above language are not suited for any major study because of lack of evidence. The list features the oldest languages which are still known and spoken today. The need for verbal communication has been increased because the groups were formed to better hunt and create the demand to communicate with each other. Language has been evolved from the sounds and grunts of ancient guys to more sophisticated phrases and words today.        The evolution of language is mostly like a biological evolution. There is still lack of evidences which can prove that one particular language is actually older than others.

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