Top 10 Richest Businessmen in India 2016

Despite of the fact that the economy of the country like India is developing at the rate of 7.5 percent, India is counted among one of the richest countries in the world. There are numerous businessmen in India who are rich by their net worth of billions of dollars. These businessmen have not only made their own name in the country but also they have made their country proud by increasing the economy of its own.

So, we are going to enlist the Top 10 Richest Businessmen in India for the year of 2016. Have a look of those successful people:

10. Kumar BirlaKumar Birla

Here is the owner of the Birla Group; Kumar Birla is counted as one of the richest people in India for the year of 2016. Since the time of his seating to the company, he has taken the company to its new high. The India Cellular is the part of the Birla group whose revenue is also increasing day by day. With the worth of $7.8 Billion, Kumar Birla is holding the last place among the richest businessmen in India.

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9. Cyrus Poonawala

Cyrus PoonawalaHe is the chairman of the Serum Institute of India that is the company of the biotechnological scope. This company is renowned for formulating pediatric vaccines. This company is having the turnover of almost 1.3 billion dollar annually. For the year of 2016, Cyrus Poonawala rose to the 9th rank in India with the net worth of $7.9 Billion.

8. Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi MittalHe is the owner of the steel manufacturing company that is rumored to have the loss of almost 41 billion in the past few years. But this billionaire is still holding the 8th rank in our list with the net worth of almost $11.2 Billion. He is counted to be the 88th richest person in the world.

7. Godrej Family

Godrej FamilyGodrej is one of the most trusted brands in India that is having the age of almost 117 years. This consumer’s good company is running by the 7 members of Godrej Family that are counted among the richest people in India. With the net worth of $11.4 Billionaltogether, Godrej family is holding a 7th rank among the richest people in India for the year of 2016.

6. Shiv Nadar

Shiv NadarNext billionaire on the list is Shiv Nadar, who is the co- founder of HCL and Shiv Nadar foundation. He is a well- renowned Indian industrialist and philanthropist who is rising to the heights of success with the increasing demand in his computer hardware and software based company. He is a self- made billionaire with the worth of $12.9 Billion.

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5. Pallonji Mistry

Pallonji MistryNext on the list is the chairman of Shapoorji Pallonji Group that is one of the most reputed and popular construction companies. He is an Irish – Indian business tycoon who is having the net worth of $14.7 Billion, and surpassing numerous other famous businessmen in India. He is currently the 55th richest people in the world.

4. Hinduja Brothers

Hinduja BrothersFor the year of 2016, the 4th richest persons who are collectively running a company are the Hinduja Brothers. The Hinduja Group is a 90 year old company that is run by 4 brothers. The popular Hinduja names are Gulf Oil Corporation Ltd. Hinduja Tech Ltd. And many others. Collectively with the net worth of $14.8 Billion, Hinduja Brothers are 4th on our list.

3. Azim Premji

Azim PremjiThe investor, philanthropist and the business tycoon, Azim Premji is next on our list. He is the founder of the Wipro Technologies that is one of the well- renowned IT companies in India. He is counted as the 3rd richest person in India with the worth of $15.9 Billion.

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2. Dilip Shanghvi

Dilip ShanghviHe is the popular businessman and one of the richest persons in India who is having the total worth of almost $18 Billion. He is the founder and the managing director of Sun Pharmaceuticals that is one of th4e most valuable drug industries in the country.

1. Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh AmbaniAgain topping the list for the year of 2k 16, Mukesh Ambani is back as the richest person in India with the total worth of $19.1 Billion. He is the stake holder of the Reliance Company and is considered to be the one of the finest businessmen of India.

List of Top 10 Richest Businessmen in India

1Mukesh Ambani$19.1 Billion
2Dilip Shanghvi$18 Billion
3Azim Premji$15.9 Billion
4Hinduja Brothers$14.8 Billion
5Pallonji Mistry$14.7 Billion
6Shiv Nadar$12.9 Billion
7Godrej Family$11.4 Billion
8Lakshmi Mittal$11.2 Billion
9Cyrus Poonawala$7.9 Billion
10Kumar Birla$7.8 Billion
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