Top 10 Richest Person in the World

To be rich is always on the toplist of a person’s wish. Most of us work hard not just to support life but to improve it. To be rich is really great but to become the richest person in the world is an ultimate achievement. When we heard about the world’s richest man, one thing that would probably come to our mind is the question, how he made it? How to become one is a good question. If your goal is to be one of the richest man in the world, you need to do deep research first to find some tips.

One great way to do is to start learning and figuring out whom you have to find some help. By knowing who is the richest man in the world and what he does to reach the top can assist you a lot. To assist you a lot better, the Forbes magazine regularly follow and list the richest person in the world year by year. Though business magazines found hundreds of living billionaires today, we are going to tackle the latest updates for now and those who remain on the top 10 list.

The richest persons in the world may change year by year but there is only one remain undefeated – Bill Gates. However, there are times where he was down but it only takes a few years.

Richest People in the World 2015-2016 from Rich to Richest

10. Liliane Bettencourt: $40 Billion

Liliane Bettencourt

Liliane Bettencourt and her family source of income if the world’s most common beauty products the L’Oreal. Liliane and her family receive around 40 billion dollars as their net earnings. She was a French businesswoman and philanthropist. The beauty and quality of her hair products have been highly in demand wherever you are in the world. This is the reason why they have been counted as the top list billionaires.

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9. Jim Walton: $41 Billion

Jim Walton

The source income of Jim Walton is the Wal-Mart where his total net income ranges to 41 billion dollars. Jim Wilton was born on 1948 and he is the youngest son of the popular businessman and owner of the largest retail Wal-Mart in the world, Sam Wilton. Last 2013, the sales of the company reach nearly half a trillion dollars. Another member of the Walton’s family has also been one of the richest and one of the world’s billionaires and she is Alice Walton.

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