Top 10 Richest WWE Wrestlers in the World of All Time

Wrestling is one of the most celebrated sports in the world. WWE dominates the list of wrestling entertainment clubs. Fans are crazy for wrestling all over the world. Today, we are going to share the list of richest and most popular wrestlers in the world.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – $125 Million

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson With the net worth of $125 million, Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” tops the list. He is also a Hollywood superstar. He is the most electrifying superstar in WWE. He is the 9 times WWE Championship winner. In 2001, he became full time actor and often returns to the ring. Recently, he competed with John Cena in two Wrestle Mania finales where he won one of them. He has acted in G.I. Joe, Hercules, Journey 2, and Fast and Furious film series.

John Cena –$35 million

John CenaHe is the popular face of WWE and the current US Champion. He made his first appearance in 2002 in WWE against Kurt Angle and almost won. He earned fan following quickly. He became the source of inspiration for both young and old with taglines like “Never Give Up” and “Respect”. He participates in several foundations and charities. He is 15-times WWE World Championship winner and 5 times US championship winner.

Triple H – $25 Million

Triple HAlso known as “The King” and “Hunter”, Triple H aka Paul Levesque modified his character as a Cerebral Assassin. He is 23-times world championship winner which includes WWF/WWE championship 8 times and Heavyweight 5 times.

Kurt Angle – $20 Million

Kurt AngleHe is the only wrestler off WWE Federation and the winner of gold medal at Olympics 1996 irrespective of his broken neck. In 1998, he signed WWE and got a major push as an American Hero because he bought the laurels to the country. He won WWE Championships up to 6 times and heavyweight championship up to 1 time.

The Undertaker – $18 Million

The UndertakerMark Callaway aka The Undertaker net worth is $18 million and annual salary is $2.25 million with a 5 year contract. He works on part time basis. Undertaker net worth also includes his 7% bonus from merchandise sale, accommodation and travel and he also shares revenue in main event from PPV.

Randy Orton – $15 million

Randy OrtonHe holds a big percentage of his income with travel, merchandise sales and accommodation. He got paid for PPV venue and his annual salary. He is also known for his negative role in the industry. He won 12 WWE titles and RKO is his official finishing move.

Big Show – $13 million

Big ShowThe largest athlete in the world, Paul Donald Wight aka Big Show has been gifted with a bus as he is the first wrestler who holds WWE/WWF Championship, WCW World Heavyweight Championship, ECW World Heavyweight and World Championship at the same time. He is also popular in Hollywood and TV industry.

Sheamus – $12 million

SheamusStephen Ferrelly aka Sheamus is a popular face in world wrestling and WWE World Champion. He is under contract with WWE for 5 years and raising his price value and stake in WWE industry. He plays negative role and fans use to dislike him when he fights.

Dolph Ziggler – $9 million

Dolph ZigglerNick Nemeth aka Dolph Ziggler is the winner of World Heavyweight championship two times and Intercontinental Championship for 4 times. He is famous for his stamina in high intensity games.

Rey Mysterio – $7.5 million

He is the most popular Mexican American wrestler. Also known as Oscar Gutierrez, Ray Mysterio Jr. was in media due to incident occurred when he was playing the match with Pedro Aguayo Ramirez and a blow to his head cause the loss of his life.

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