Top 10 Smartest Animals on Our Planet

Humans are believed to be the most sensible and intelligent species on planet but it is just a myth. Some animals are more intelligent than humans and better in different ways than us. Even some animals can do things that we can’t expect to happen. Here are some of the smartest creatures on earth.

10. Baboons

These primate monkeys are one of the smartest animal species on planet. They are known to have cognitive ability just like Orangutans and chimpanzees. Their behavior is just like us. Once they identify stress, they can easily cope up with it. They have unique social system and critical ability to deal with hard situations. They can also steal anything.


9. Pigeons

They have been used to send messages in ancient period. They were the historic messengers. They were used in places like battleground to communicate safely. They are known to be the great geo-locators and they can easily remember places throughout their life. They remember faces of people and never forget them.


8. Dolphins

They have largest brain in the animal kingdom with huge body to brain ratio. These mammals are very friendly and smartest of all. You can train them to play games and communicate with body and sign languages. They can respond to your orders. When they are happy, they make sounds and they have emotions and feelings. They can also recognize themselves when you show them mirror.


7. Squirrels

These cute and small animals live in both wild and domestic environments. They are not related to the capabilities of humans. Instead of behaving like humans, they are the smartest animals for collecting food. To gathering food, they can do anything with their great memory skills.


6. Dogs

These four-legged are man’s best friend and most loyal animals of all. They are probably the only animal that can go any limit to save their owner’s life. Their intelligence level varies as per their breed. You can train him for various activities. They are trained to be used in police department and army.


5. Pigs

Though they look dumb and weird, Pigs are one of the smartest creatures on planet. In reality, their mental capability is similar to that of a 3 year old child of humans. They also have feelings and emotions. They are used to have dreams at night and they also cry on pain. They can learn new skills daily and deal with environmental stress.


4. Octopus

These creepiest creatures are among the most intelligent predators. You may have heard about them in famous shows like “Built for the Kill” in National Geographic. They can easily change their color to create camouflage against other animals and mimic their environment.


3. Orangutans

They are also known to mimic human actions like chimpanzees. They can copy humans. They can also learn games and they are intelligent just like a 3 years old human child. They can learn new skills like using a nail and hammer to keep things together. They have great communication skills.


2. Rhesus Monkeys

They can copy human act and behavior and mimic humans. They have great communication skills and they can form difficult social structure. They can use heavy stone to break hard shells. They can make well-planned attacks.

Rhesus Monkeys

1. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are known to be the most intelligent animal species with several things in common with humans. They act like humans. They can also think like humans. Even some chimpanzees learn to solve mathematical questions and play games. Their brain capacity can be equivalent to a 5 years old child of humans. They are known among the smartest animals in the world.


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