Top 10 Startup Ideas For Business In India

Everyone loves the idea of being independent. While everyone wants to jump onto the bandwagon, very few have an idea of what they are going to do with their spare time. People underestimate the hard work required to become independent and being your own boss. While the concept may seem interesting initially, many give up and go back to their routine job after a couple of weeks. Here we provide you with ten possible things that you can do by yourself.

1. Flier Marketing Service

There are many small business and shops that would love to get better publicity. Not all of them can afford airtime on radio and television. Getting an ad in a newspaper is also difficult. Starting a business that provides these businesses with fliers with their logo printed on them will get them interested. These fliers can be passed around in crowded market places and even railway stations. Although not a huge business, it is definitely one that requires minimal investment and continuous return on investment.

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2. Shoe Wash Company

This is a unique business opportunity, however it is one that will get your hands dirty, literally. People nowadays wear expensive brands of shoes and want a professional to deal with cleaning them. Your shoe wash company can be the ideal solution. Again, minimal investment and continuous return on investment.

3. Doorstep Grocery Delivery

This is another big business opportunity. With people’s lives getting busier by the day, getting everything delivered to their doorstep is the best option, and this includes groceries too. All you need to do in co-ordinate with your local stores and strike a deal for delivering the goods.

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4. Wedding Planning

Marriages are an integral part of the Indian culture. However, planning a wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea. Things can go wrong and these mistakes can be very costly considering the amount of money involved. If you are experienced with planning weddings, this can be an ideal scenario for you. The returns are amazing.

5. Day Care Center

This business requires a bit of investment and a lot of care, as parents trust their children with you. If you can get the balance right, this business will definitely reap benefits.

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6. Housekeeping For Corporates

Assembling a team of hard working and cleanliness freaks can make this business very successful. All you need to do is strike the right deal with a big firm and your returns on investment will start coming in.

7. Resume Writing

There is a person looking for a job every minute. However, not everyone is capable of writing a perfect and capturing resume. Providing your services to write resumes is a perfect opportunity that requires little investment with considerable returns.

8. Organizing Award Ceremonies

Corporate firms and huge multinationals are always looking to motivate their employees, however they lack the time. This is where your idea can come in. Organizing awards functions for such clients is a hardworking and well paying idea.

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9. Financial Planning

If you have the skill and training in the finance field, then this is the perfect business opportunity. People are always looking to save money and invest wisely. Financial planning services will go a long way in keeping people happy.

10. Group Rating Websites

There are people who are constantly on the lookout for the best things. How about starting a website that rates everything under the sky? You liked a service in a mall? Go to the website and rate it. People love receiving feedback. Your website can be the one stop for everyone looking for the best.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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