Top 12 Busiest Railway Stations of India

India has no lack of most amazing and busiest stations connecting trains from all zones. We have listed the busiest railway stations in the country, as per the arrival of unique trains and passenger capacity they hold every day. Some of the other busiest train stations are Ahmadabad, Nagpur, Chennai Central, Katni Junction, and Jhansi.

1. Howrah Junction

Howrah Junction is the busiest railway station in India when it comes to passengers’ capacity per day. It serves over 1 million passengers per day in its 23 platforms. It also has the largest number of platforms in the country. So, the platforms also remain busy throughout the day.

Howrah Junction

2. New Delhi

New Delhi is the largest railway station in the country and second busiest in India. It has 16 platforms which serve around 500,000 passengers every day with over 350 trains. It also has recorded world’s biggest train route interlocking system.

New Delhi

3. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)

The main attraction here is the building of the station which has set benchmark in traditional Indian architecture and is designed as Victorian Gothic style. It is considered to be a world heritage site and one of the most worth-seeing railway stations in India. It is known to be the largest railway stations in Mumbai and one of the busiest in India. It is a leading terminal that serves both suburban railway commuters’ local trains and long-distance trains on everyday basis.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)

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4. Allahabad Junction

Allahabad is the second busiest railway station in Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the top 100 booking junctions in Indian Railway. Including Duronto Express and Rajdhani Express, most of the India’s fastest running trains run through this station.

Allahabad Junction

5. Charbagh Station

The Charbagh Station in Lucknow is among the busiest and most beautiful railway stations in India. Over 300 trains pass through this station every day. From outside, it looks like a royal palace with beautiful greens. It is truly an architectural masterpiece. When you stand outside, it is a sight to behold.

Charbagh Station

6. Itarsi Junction

With the stoppage of over 330 trains on daily basis, Itarsi Junction is the busiest railway station in Madhya Pradesh. It is well connected to all the major rail routes in the country with its 7 platforms.

Itarsi Junction

7. Kanpur Central

It is one of the busiest stations with the stoppage of over 280 trains every day in North Central Railways. It has world’s largest interlocking route system recorded with New Delhi. It is one of five CR stations in the country.

Kanpur Central

8. Kalyan Junction

In Mumbai Suburban Railway, it is the third busiest station and one of the leading railway stations on Mumbai rail network it has 8 platforms to serve both long-distance running trains and suburban local trains.

Kalyan Junction

9. Mughal Sarai Junction

It houses Asia’s largest railway marshaling yard and is one of the busiest railway stations in India. It has the busiest rail network in the state of UP. It stands one of the top 100 booking stations in Indian Railway.

Mughal Sarai Junction

10. Patna Junction

Located between Kolkata and New Delhi, Patna Junction is another busiest railway stations in India. It is well connected to a lot of major cities of India by rail network and the leading station of East Central Railways.

Patna Junction

11. Vijaywada Station

Vijaywada Junction serves around 400 passenger and freight trains and one of the 5 busiest junctions in Indian Railways. It is the A-1 station and listed among the 10 model stations in Vijaywada division.

Vijaywada Station

12. Vadodara Junction

It is the busiest station in Gujarat and one of the busiest junctions in India. It has 7 platforms and is a large station. It houses the largest electric loco sheds in Western Railway zone.

Vadodara Junction

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