Top 5 Best 110cc Bikes in India 2016

For the most part, a motorcycle is an utmost necessity in India. There are enthusiast and hobbyist bikers too, that’s why the fancy 300cc+ models sell in the latest bikes in India category pretty well; but this population doesn’t really overlap the people who need a motorbike for day to day commuting. In terms of engine power and fuel efficiency balancing, the engine capacity has to be smaller enough to gulp lesser fuel, yet pull off a greater amount of power. Keeping these both criteria in mind, 110cc engine displacement seems to bethe best option right now.

1. Honda Dream Neo

Honda Dream NeoHonda India has introduced Dream Neo quite a long time ago, and this motorbike intends to be a low price segment motorbike for the people who need one for day to day commute to their workplace, colleges or universities. The engine displacement is 110 cc with 8.25 bhp maximum power output at 7,500 rpm, and a maximum torque output of 8.63 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The brakes are drum type. Even with a heavier curb weight of 105 kg, the fuel efficiency is 84 kmpl. It has 4 manual gear transmission. Price – Rs. 51,971.

2. Honda Dream Yuga

Honda Dream YugaHonda Dream Yuga is a 110 cc motorbike from Japanese manufacturer Honda, trying to get into the inexpensive motorcycle segment in Indian market. Engine displacement on Honda Dream Yuga is 110 cc with 8 bhp maximum power output at 7,500 rpm and 9 Nm maximum torque output at 5,500 rpm. Curb weight on this motorbike is 108 kgs. Honda Dream Yuga gets a mileage of 84 kmpl at a stretch, 4 manual gears help with the process. Price – Rs. 55,090.

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3. Yamaha Crux

Yamaha CruxCrux is the oldest model Yamaha bike that had launched many years back, this one is also the cheapest Yamaha motorbike in India. It’s a Japanese innovation but had been given a more India-suited facelift while it was produced in India. The 106 cc engine provides maximum power output of 7.40 bhp at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque output of 7.50 Nm at 6,000 rpm. There are 4 manual transmission gears. Depending on riding style, the fuel efficiency could be as high as 76 kmpl. Price – Rs. 41,613.

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4. Honda Livo

Honda LivoHonda Livo is kind of like its 110 cc sibling Honda CB Shine. The design strikes out boldly, inspired from Honda CB Twister. The engine is 108.19 cc and provides maximum 8.20 power output at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque output of 8.60 Nm at 5,500 rpm. There are 4 manual gears and the top speed is 86 kmph in this motorcycle. Price – Rs. 57,090.

5. Suzuki Hayate

Suzuki HayateSuzuki Hayate is one latest addition to the cheaper segment motorbike range in the Indian market. It has 113 cc engine with 8.30 bhp maximum power output at 7,500 rpm and 8.80 Nm maximum torque output at 5,500 rpm. There are 4 manual gears; top speed on this motorbike is 95 kmph. Price – Rs. 44,356.


110 cc engine segment is popular in markets where commuting is necessary over fancy requirements like superfast engine pick up or higher top speeds; thus this category has been a very popular one in India for a long time. To keep updated with the upcoming bikes in India, keep updated with us.

List of top 10 110cc bikes

RankingBike NamePrice
1Honda Dream Neo₹ 51,971
2Honda Dream Yuga₹ 55,090
3Yamaha Crux₹ 41,613
4Honda Livo₹ 57,090
5Suzuki Hayate₹ 44,356
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