Top 5 Best 125cc Bikes in India 2016

125 cc engine motorbikes are perfect balance between cheap maintenance and operation costs, and relatively better street performance. People in budget with a knack for fancy motorbikes would prefer the 125cc engine variant as it is a safe bet in all possible sides. Plenty of latest bikes in India are coming in a 125cc variant even if there’s a different higher engine displacement version, just to own the market in this segment as well. Even the upcoming bikes in India would certainly keep following this trend. We have compiled a brief review on top 5 motorbikes with a 125cc engine.

1. Honda CB Shine

Honda CB ShineJapanese manufacturer Honda has manufactured the Honda CB Shine model to make 125 cc motorbikes easily available to the mass people market in various countries, especially countries like India where lower maintenance cost is a priority. The 125 cc engine on this motorbike pulls out 11 Nm max torque at 5,500 rpm and max 10 bhp power output at 7,500 rpm. Rated fuel efficiency is 65 kmpl. Honda CB Shine has an 11 liter fuel tank, and this bike’s top speed rises up to 100 kmph. Price – Rs. 59,680.

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2. Bajaj Discover 125

Bajaj Discover 125Bajaj makes fantastic motorbikes in the 125 cc engine segment, this one is no different. Discover has been a very popular branding for the Bajaj motorbikes in India, it’s located in a lower tier than the Pulsar or other models yet the performance is great. The engine pulls of 10.90 bhp and the max torque is 10.80 Nm. The engine has 5 manual gears and the top speed is 100 kmph. Price – Rs. 53,256.

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3. Yamaha Saluto

Yamaha SalutoThis Yamaha bike looks very trendy and fashionable, with spaces filled with bold and striking details and shiny colors. The engine displacement is 125 cc and it offers maximum output of 8.20 bhp at 7,000 rpm and the maximum torque output for Yamaha Saluto is 10.10 Nm. This Yamaha bike goes up to 78 km per liter of fuel, and the fuel tank is 8 liters. Yamaha Saluto’s curb weight is 112 KGs. Price – Rs. 54,000.

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4. Hero Glamour

Hero Glamour FIThe Hero Glamour truly comes in a glamorous design and bright color schemes. This motorbike has a 125 cc engine with maximum power output of 8 bhp at 7,000 rpm and the maximum torque output of this engine is 10 Nm at 4,000 rpm. There are 4 manual gears, and top speed on this two wheeler is 95 kmph. Hero Glamour has a 14 liter fuel tank with 55 kmpl mileage. Price – Rs. 53,885.

5. TVS Phoenix

TVS Phoenix 125TVS Phoenix is built on a singular down-tube chassis structure. The engine displacement of this motorbike is 124.53 cc. Maximum power output of this engine is 10.90 bhp at 8,000 rpm and 10.80 Nm is the maximum torque rating at 6,000 rpm. There are 4 manual gears, and the top speed is 96 kmph. Price – Rs. 55,239.

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125 cc is mostly the safest range in terms of engine displacement; these bikes aren’t blazing fast nor slow like snails, and they cut cost on fuel very effectively.

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List of Top 5 125cc bikes

RankingBike NamePrice
1Honda CB Shine₹ 59,680
2Bajaj Discover 125₹ 53,256
3Yamaha Saluto₹ 54,000
4Hero Glamour₹ 53,885
5TVS Phoenix₹ 55,239
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