Top 5 Best 125cc Scooters in India 2016

The best scooters in India have mostly fallen within the 125cc engine segment. This displacement is the faster variant in scooters, yet offering good mileage per liter of fuel and lesser maintenance cost – all these traits combined the 125cc scooters are certainly very popular in Indian market. Here’s a compilation of brief review on the top 5 scooters in the market.

1. Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125

Japanese manufacturer’s offering for the Asian market has been developed so good so far, it wouldn’t be wrong if we call Honda Activa one best scooty in Indian market for the ongoing year. This model is offered in four colors so far – might blue, asteroid black, sunbeam white and force silver. The engine displacement is 124 cc with maximum power output of 8.60 bhp at 6,500 rpm and the maximum torque output is 10.10 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Mileage on Honda Activa goes as far as 59 kmpl on average. Price – Rs. 59,782.

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2. Vespa VXL 125

Vespa VXL 125

All Vespa models from the distant past to the present day are almost equally popular – if you had been out on an Indian street on any given day, you will see at least one of these beauties riding on the street, with happy faces sitting on them. Maximum power output is 9.90 bhp at 7,500 rpm for this scooter’s engine, and the maximum torque output is 10.60 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Vespa VXL 125 makes its rider feel like home, there are useful accessories like a perimeter kit, visor, front bumper made of good quality chromium etc. The brakes are 200 mm front disc brake, and 140 mm rear drum brake. Price – Rs. 79,484.

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3. Suzuki Access

Suzuki Access

The Suzuki Access is statistically the highest selling Suzuki scooter in India. Ergonomically the design is so beautiful, and the edges and curves are placed dynamically. It’s a unisex design – anyone with riding skills can ride in style. Maximum power output through this engine is 8.50 bhp at 7,000 rpm and the maximum torque output is 9.80 Nm at 5,000 rpm. Mileage on Suzuki Access is 53 kmpl. Highly rigid under bone chassis makes Suzuki Access reliably sturdy, the curb weight is 112 Kgs. Price – Rs. 52,221.

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4. Mahindra Duro

Mahindra Duro

Not many scooters that are manufacture in India come with 125 cc engines, however the Mahindra Duro does. Engine displacement on this engine is 124 cc with 8 bhp maximum power output at 7,000 rpm and 9 Nm maximum torque at 5,500 rpm. Rated mileage on Mahindra Duro is 56 kmpl, and the fuel tank is 6 liters – Duro will not be visiting the fuel station very often. Top speed on Mahindra Duro is 80 kmph. Price – Rs. 47,140.

5. Mahindra Rodeo

Mahindra Rodeo

Yet another Mahindra scooter with an 8 bhp max power engine unit, and the fuel efficiency on this scooter is 56 kmpl. There’s barely any difference in the engine configurations in Mahindra Rodeo, the exterior of the Rodeo is slightly sharper and striking than the Duro. Price – Rs. 49,860.

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All these 125 cc scooters are very comfortable to ride and maintenance is very reasonably priced over the official showrooms and service centers placed all over the country.

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List of Top 5 125cc scooters

RankingScooty namePrice
1Honda Activa 125₹ 59,782
2Vespa VXL 125₹ 79,484
3Suzuki Access₹ 52,221
4Mahindra Duro₹ 47,140
5Mahindra Rodeo₹ 49,860
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