Top 5 Best 250cc Bikes in India 2016

The Indian market for 250 bikes is the unique segment with Indian and manufactures bringing in a variety of models and designs in the upcoming bikes in India. Though, the top 5 Best 250 cc bikes in India are a distinct class that has made through the tight competition. Let’s have a brief on the models that are indeed the best on the Indian roads.

5. Benelli TNT 300

Benelli TNT 300The recent intake for the Indian markets from the Italian manufacturers with the best features suited for the Indian conditions and redesigned to appeal to Indian customers. Though the Benelli TNT 300 stands at an expensive price tag, the riding experience is supposed to be one of the best upcoming bikes in India.

Engine: 300 cc

Price: Rs. 2, 80,100/- subject to changes.

Power: 37.2 PS

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4. Yamaha YZF R3

Yamaha YZF-R3The latest of the 250 cc bike to make a name in the Indian market. KTM RC390 has made impressions as one of the better bikes in control features with the finest suspension and handling features. KTM RC390 also is a spectacle in looks and design. Undoubtedly, the bikes are Yamaha bikes on the Indian roads with an international appeal available on the Indian roads. The Austrian manufacturer is in the tie-up with Bajaj Auto for installation and marketing activities in India. Hence, there is a scope for improvement in maintenance and service in India.

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Engine: 373cc

Price: Rs. 3,26,000/- subject to changes.

Power: 43.2 PS

3. Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300Kawasaki has been a success Bike manufacturer in the Indian market for almost a decade. The class of Kawasaki is quite evident with 250 cc Kawasaki Ninja 300 that has been improvised to suit a commuter bike with impressive designs and features that suit the Indian conditions. The Kawasaki Ninja 300 are also comparatively better on the fuel economy as compared to the other bikes in the segment which makes it one of the best upcoming bikes in India for the segment.

Engine: 296cc

Price: Rs. 3, 75,000/- subject to changes.

Power: 35 PS

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2. Bajaj RS 200

Bajaj Pulsar RS200The fastest of the series in Bajaj Pulsar that is quite a redesign from the other models from Bajaj with a lot of designed features and balance to cope with high speeds. The designed Headlamp and other inclusive improvements are pretty good features to make the design stand with pride in the market for 250 cc Bikes. The Bajaj RS 200 is one of the best from the Indian manufacturer and the cheapest option available in India in 250 cc segment. The bike has a better mileage than the other bikes in the 250 segment.

Engine: 220cc

Price: Rs. 1, 18,100/- subject to changes.

Power: 24.15 PS

1. Honda CBR 250CPR

Honda CBR250ROne of the best upcoming bikes in India from Honda with an improved design for easy and safe control options at speeds above 100 kmph. The Honda CBR 250 has been in the Indian for a pretty long time and the endurance in the market show the class that has been brought in with the model and has been a success in the long run. The Honda CBR250 has made certain changes to improve the handling features and suspension to suit handling at speeds above 100 kmph.

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Engine: 249cc

Price: Rs. 1, 88,000/- subject to changes.

Power: 26.15 PS


List of Best 250cc Bikes for Boys/Girls

RankingBike NamePrice
5Benelli TNT 300₹ 2, 80,100
4Yamaha YZF R3₹ 3,26,000
3Kawasaki Ninja 300₹ 3, 75,000
2Bajaj RS 200₹ 1,18,100
1Honda CBR 250CPR₹ 1, 88,000
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