Top 5 Best Brandy Brands in India 2016

Brandy is one of the best drinks around the world. The exciting taste of Brandy has made it one of the favorites in India as well. The taste of Brandy is unique and distinct. It is distilled and very carefully prepared. Brandy is generally prepared by the fermentation of the fruit juices in oak casks. The caramel gives it the color. The Indian market has various brandy brands with different price and quality.

Here are the top 5 best type of brandy brands in India

5. Old Admiral

Old AdmiralThis is one of the best and high selling brandy brands in India. This is a brand from the Radico Khaitan. This brand is not only known for the unique taste but also for the continuous reputation. This brand has maintained the reputation and the unique taste since a long time. However, apart from being one of the top class brandy and very popular among the Indians, this is equally highly sold brands in all across the country. This brandy is readily available in all parts of the country with reasonable rates and that make it, even more, popular.

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