Top 5 best fully automatic washing machine brands

Those days are gone when washing machine was considered a luxury in homes. Now they are an indispensable part of every home. The machine offers fabulous convenience while you save time on washing clothes by hand. Adding a bit of luxury and sophistication to the process of washing clothes, you can now buy a fully automatic washing machine also. There are a lot many brands of washing machines making fully automatic ones. These machines offer better cleaning results while removing dirt and tough stains. The market is offering top brands of washing machines such that it gets difficult to make choices.


Samsung offering fully automatic machine

Samsung is making fully automatic machine and is the top brand. It consumes less amount of water and when compared to other machines, you get here 5-10 years of warranty. All the parts including motors have adequate warranty. The machine is easy to operate and is in fact the best model of washing model. The capacity of most of the washing machines is 6.5 kgs at least and delivers premium features. It works wonders with the tumble method of washing. The front loading is great and in fact loading the clothes is pretty convenient. The price range of Samsung fully automatic washing machine is between Rs. 13500 and 34000.



The LG Washing Machine brand

LG is the leading brand making washing machines. It has been appreciated for its products. In fact, LG products are now status symbols and the brand is giant in the realm of electronic products. All the models can suitably wash 6.5kgs of clothes. They have the top loading system to give both normal wash and heavy wash. Featuring the pulsator method, the machines give stain-free washing results. The LG washing machine is unbelievable and can be bought at economical rates. The price of the product range 13500-40,000.

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The Whirlpool washing machine

The finest brand of washing machine can capably wash 7Kg. They have the front loading capacity and the ‘tumble’ technique is great if you wish for stain-free cleaning results. The machine has amazing features to facilitate different kinds of washes quick, normal, heavy wash, delicate wash. The washing program has bleach dispensers and detergent dispensers to render flawless results. For hassle free cleaning, you can use the automatic cleaning mechanism. The machine comes with 2 years of warranty. The price tag starts with Rs. 15,300 and moves onto Rs. 36000.


Whirlpool washing machine

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Godrej brand of washing machine

This is an internationally acclaimed washing machine that gives the exact value for the money spent. It can wash up to 7kgs of clothes and its top opening system features the spin speed of 900Rpm approximately. The main greatness of the machine lies in the fact that it uses the U-Sonic technology that generates bubbles. There is also the timer which you can use for the late or speed washing. You also find here the re-start mechanism with the memory back-up. Washing is all a fun here and you can follow the fully-automatic steps. The price range is between Rs. 12000-23000.


Godrej brand of washing machine

The all new Videocon washing machine

Videocon is the giant in the washing machine industry. The audio product is sure to give you the ultimate delight in washing. The K Series of washing gives stain free washing. The machine is automatic and open-at-the-top. You enjoy the pulsator mechanism of washing as you put your clothes. This can fabulously take care of 6Kgs of clothes at a time. The price of the machine is between Rs. 15300-36000.

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Videocon washing machine

There are other brands of washing machine also that are worth considering. You can learn about the washing machine price from the online stores. Mini washing machine is also with considering as they are powerful and can be kept in tighter spaces. Bosch washing machine is also a suitable choice. Check out the online washing machine reviews to buy a suitable one as per the need.

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