Top 5 Best Health Insurance Policies For Parents

Looking at the rising medical cost the number of complexity of the diseases there is no doubt that you need a good insurance policy to cover you and your family. Generally people opt for family floater policy in which the entire family is covered. There are many severe health issues like cardiac arrest that may cost you aorund5 lakh. The chances of such issues are more among the senior citizens or your parents who are now at the retirement age. You must choose the right type of health insurance policy for your family that would be more like a protection shied for their twilight years.

Policy For Parents

Here is the list of 5 Best Health Insurance Policy For Parents

Star health’s Red Carpet plan:

This is a popular policy plan which is definitely a worth investment to be made. It offers a good coverage to your parents on pre-existing diseases for which doctors have already recommended the treatment. The premium rate for this policy is quite affordable and you also get a discount of around 10% on it. If you submit the documents associated with the lab tests then you can avail more benefits. As per the co-payment clause, there is more 30% of the claim that can be made on the pre-existing diseases. It is certainly the best plan that can be customized as per the needs of your parents and protect them from expensive yet chronic illness.

Apollo Munich’s Optima Senior:

In this policy, a couple can together be covered under this policy. There is no high rate of premium for which you need to actually worry. On paying the premium on time, you get around 5% of discount over it. There are also some pre-screening medical tests which are obligatory and needs to be performed and the good news is company gives you reimbursement on it up to 50%. You can also earn a cumulative bonus of around 5% on every no claim policy. With affordable premium, great benefits and amazing coverage the policy is a worth choice to protect your parents in all the ways.

The New India Assurance Policy:

Citizens of the age group 60-80 years can definitely avail this policy in a right manner. If you renew it on regular basis without any gap, the cover can be extended up to 90 years of age. It covers the hospitalization expenses, pre-existence diseases, Pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, and ambulance charges as well. In case, you visit any Ayurvedic or Homeopathic hospital you get a limited coverage on certain factors.  There are some pre-existing diseases which are also covered after the 18 months of having a good bond with the company. This policy is right suited for your parents and can be good for them in their retirement age.

Max Bupa’s Heartbeat Policy:

This is one of the highly recommend policy that has been used by many customers. One of the best features it has is the reduced copayment clause. It means after 4 years if you renew it continuously, the co-payment charge becomes nil. It includes many great advantages such as free health checkup every year. Every single day care treatment is covered and during renewal you can earn up to 10% of the additional sum assured.

ICICI Lombard’s iHealth Policy:

This is one of the flexible policies that you can take up for your parents. There are no sub-limits to it and the co-payment clause is completely optional. The good part is your parents can avail the complete coverage on hospitalized that too at the affordable premium. It also includes the surgical and medical process which might be required. The policy also includes a free health checkup every year and covers list of ailments.

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