Top 5 Best Mileage Bikes In World

Two wheelers are one of the best ways to commute around the world. Bikes offer the convenience of swerving through traffic and do not come with the hassle of finding parking space as well. Manufacturers around the world have recognized the need for stylish and powerful bikes combined with fuel efficiency. With so much competition and bikes coming up every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make an informed decision and select the best balanced bike. While commuters have looked for features like the best 200cc bike in the past, times have changed and commuters now look for the best mileage bikes before making a decision of buying the bike. The general assumption is that if your budget is not a constraint, then you should go for power, looks and efficiency and if you have a limit on your budget, you will have to sacrifice one of these attributes. Here are the 5 best mileage bikes in the world that combine all these aspects.

5. Kawasaki Ninja 300

  • Price: 3,75,935
  • Mileage: 25 kmpl

The Kawasaki Ninka 300 is one of the best superbikes in the world. The brand new Kawasaki Ninja 300 delivers amazing power of 39 bhp and delivers fuel efficiency of 25 kmpl. For a sports bike that delivers such amazing power, the fuel efficiency delivered by this bike is truly amazing. It is definitely one of the most fuel efficient bikes in the sports segment across the globe.

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Kawasaki Ninja 300

4. Hyosung GT250R

  • Price: 3,02,000
  • Mileage: 30 kmpl

The Hyosung GT250R is another amazing superbike that delivers power, style, comfort and amazing fuel efficiency. Most sports bikes come with a very poor fuel efficiency of not more than 10 kmpl. With the Hyosung GT250R, you will get power of 28 bhp and fuel efficiency of 30 kmpl. Forget about searching for the best 150cc bike that delivers power and fuel efficiency. The Hyosung GT250R delivers both in the most amazing manner. This is definitely a bike that has become popular around the world due to the features it delivers. It is definitely the best mileage bike among super bikes.

Hyosung GT250R

3. Hero Super Splendor

  • Price: 56,661
  • Mileage: 83 kmpl

Apart from being the best mileage bike in India, the Hero Super Splendor has made waves around the world as well. People are even calling it the best 125cc bike that you can get in the market. The 125cc engine delivers power of 9 bhp and torque of 10.35 Nm. This is definitely one of the best bikes under 60000 that you can get around the world today.

Hero Super Splendor

2. TVS Star City Plus

  • Price: 45,059
  • Mileage: 86 kmpl

Whenever people speak about best mileage bikes, they always look for the best mileage scooter. However, the TVS Star City Plus is definitely the best in comparison to the any scooter out there. The TVS Star City Plus delivers amazing power of 8.30 bhp and fuel efficiency of 86 kmpl. This definitely makes the TVS Star City Plus the best bike under 70000.

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TVS Star City Plus

1. Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise

  • Price: 87,375
  • Mileage: 53 kmpl

The all new Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise definitely falls under the bracket of the best bike under 1 lakh. There are very few cruise bikes that deliver such amazing efficiency along with style and comfort. The Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise delivers better efficiency than even the best 100cc bike. Keeping such features in mind, this is definitely the most popular bike around the world when it comes to amazing fuel efficiency.

Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise

* All prices mentioned are ex-showroom prices in Mumbai.

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