Top 5 colleges in India offering the Best Photography Courses

There are only handfuls who realize the value of photography in its true terms despite its presence all around you. From billboard to the cereal boxes you buy; photography constitutes a greater part of your way. Over the years; its growing craze has also triggered the desire of taking up photography as a career option among teenagers. Gone are those days when one had to fly away abroad to pursue a course in the same. With the technological boom; there has evolved a number of photography colleges offering Graduation; Post-Graduation and Diploma courses to students taking up the program.


A brief on Top 5 best photography colleges in India and their courses

Come; let us explore a few of the most rated photography colleges in India offering you a dictatorship over the art within a few months to years.

Photography Course

1. Sir JJ School of Applied Arts; Mumbai:

This photography institution has given birth to some of the greatest photographers the world has today. Students getting their names enrolled in this great college do not do so for taking up photography as a hobby but with the desire to take up the same as a career option. So if you wish to pursue a career of the professional commercial photographer; Sir JJ School of Applied Arts is the right place to invest the 4 precious years of your life.

2. Light and life Academy; Bangalore:

No matter whether you want to pursue a certificate or diploma course in photography; this Bangalorean academy is the right place to invest your money if you are looking forward to pursuing a career in photojournalism or professional photography. One getting admission to Light and Life Academy, Bangalore enjoys the privilege of attending workshops on various subjects like Location photography, natural photography, Creative photography and such others. 

3. National Institute of Design; Ahmedabad:

Most of the aspirants willing to take up a photography course dream to get through with this prestigious institute but lucky are those who overcome the hurdles of the tough screening process. The PG degree of Photography Design offered by this college makes a way for the students to take part in the exchange program to the UK and abroad. So if photography is your cup of tea and you are the one looking for a documentary, news, fashion, and advertisement photography; come join this institution.

4. Udaan School of Photography; Mumbai:

Though much recent in offering courses as a college; Udaan School of Photography has gained popularity among students for the dual opportunity of both education and work chances it offer. Along with the 1year diploma course in photojournalism, commercial and glamor photography; students also get a chance to attend weekend courses and workshops. This institution also promises to offer internships and placement opportunities.

5. National Academy of Photography; Kolkata:

There are students who look out for short term photography courses rather than opting for the full-time bachelor degree programs. National Academy of Photography, Kolkata offers them with a first-hand solution with short term to long term workshops scheduled for a period of 3-5months or even 5 days. So if you are willing to grasp the art of photography for fashion, still life, digital, and other such processing techniques; NAP is the right place to step in.

Final Say

Coming to an end; whichever course you opt for, your excellence depends completely on the way you take up the practice than the technique the colleges use to guide you. So make sure that you take up your practice seriously to excel in this field.


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