Top 5 Best Prepaid Calling Card Providers in the World

Making some phone calls is one of the activities in the world done by a lot of people in their everyday lives, may these be for personal or business reasons. This is the main reason why there are many calling card providers existing in the world these days. One most sought after product of these companies is the prepaid calling card. This is the best option compared to post paid one, so that you will not end up paying a considerable amount of charges from making your calls. In this regard, here are the top 5 best prepaid calling card providers in the world today:

1. AT&T

AT&TThis is a multinational telecommunications company that has long been providing great offers for prepaid calling cards in the entire world. The headquarters of this firm can be found in Dallas, Texas. Before it became AT&T, there were still two names that this company had in the past. From the year 1983-1995, it was known as Southwestern Bell Corporation. And from the year 1995 up to2005, it was named SBC Communications, Inc. AT&T offers prepaid calling cards that can be delivered through email. This is very advantageous if you are not from the USA.

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2. Nobel, Ltd.

Nobel, Ltd.

This is another excellent prepaid calling card provider that offers global services. Year after year, the company is having a growth of around 17 percent, which is why it is considered to be one of those most successful companies worldwide. It was founded way back in the year 1998 through its brilliant founder, Thomas C. Knobel. One of its latest products is the online prepaid calling card that is also delivered through emails. But if you are living in the United States, physical delivery of the prepaid calling cards is done.

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3. Reliance Global Call

Reliance Global CallRGC is a highly reputable prepaid calling card provider that is extending its services all throughout the globe. There are around 230 countries where its excellent calling services are allowed to be availed. This is actually related to the well renowned company, Reliance Communications Limited. Using the prepaid calling cards of the company will allow you to have a very clear conversation with the one you are calling to for affordable fees. Some of the countries where Reliable Global Call offers its prepaid calling cards are New Zealand, Ireland, USA, Belgium, Hong Kong, and India.

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4. Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications

This is an excellent telecommunications and broadband company that is trusted by many when it comes to prepaid calling cards. The headquarters of this best prepaid calling card firm can be found in Manhattan, New York City. Its original name was Bell Atlantic, and it was established way back on October 7, 1983. It has been a top performing company in the USA. In fact, this company was once became the largest wireless communications firm in the US.

5. Emirates Telecommunications Corporation

Emirates Telecommunications CorporationAlso known as Etisalat, this is a multinational telecommunications company that is offering prepaid calling cards in 18 countries in Asia, in the Middle East, and even in African countries. It was founded way back on October 5, 1976. Its headquarters can be found in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

These are the top 5 best prepaid calling card providers in the world. Without a doubt, these companies have already established themselves in the industry.

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