Top 5 Best Scooty in India under 50000 to 60000

Today a scooty has a very important role to play in our lives. Scooty does not only help us to get rid of the traffic easily but also gives us a comfortable and easy rides as they do not have any gears and anyone and drive it easily and not much learning is required, just balance. Not just easy drive a scooty is affordable too, those who cannot afford a car can easily afford a scooty. It can also be used to cover short distance and avoiding traffic jams. So, here are the top 5 scooty modals you should go for to make your life easier.

The best part about a scooter is, they could either be manual transmission or automatic. There’s a variety of options to pick from, and one can simply learn riding an automatic gear scooty in matter of hours. Though stuff like superior pick up and better fuel efficiency etc. are served much better on manual gear scooties, not everyone has the ability to maintain such precise control in busy traffic. Not included in this article, but few very recent scooties even come battery powered which doesn’t require any maintenance.


Suzuki Access 125Suzuki access 125 is a scooty manufactured by Suzuki motorcycle India pvt. Ltd. The scooty is designed for rough roads and high speed and gives a displacement of 124 cc and has a kerb weight of 112 kg. The price of the access 125 ranges between 56000 to 58000 and has a fuel tank capacity of 6 litres. It has a unique style and gives a comfortable ride. Suzuki Access comes in five different color options for those who care. Also, the transmission is automatic hence the riding experience isn’t very complex. The engine reaches 8.50 bhp at most when the engine revolution is at 7,000 rpm. And the torque output is 9.80 Nm at maximum 5,000 rpm. It has a good pick up and gives a top speed of 91 km/hr. All the gauges are analogue.

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Yamaha FascinoIf you’re looking for style and elegance you must go for Yamaha Facino. The chrome – plated front grill and rear view mirrors that bring back the retro times paired with its moderate curves are eye catching. The seat resembles the modern Yamaha motorbike seats. Even in a tighter space, Yamaha had been able to keep sufficient leg space for a small built person. The wheels look sort of retro-like.  It is the lightest of all Yamaha scooters and gives a displacement of 113 cc and has a kerb weight of 103 kg. This scooty has an automatic transmission, the highest amount of power output is 7 bhp at 7,500 rpm engine rev. Average mileage on city riding is 46 kmpl, might vary. The price of Yamaha Fascino is approximately 53000 with a fuel tank capacity of 5.2 litres.

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Honda Activa 125Honda Activa 125 is the first 125cc automatic scooter based on the most popular scooter Activa. The scooter is of the brand Honda which is popular for its two wheelers. Active 125 gives a displacement of 124.9 cc and has a kerb weight of 110 kg.The automatic gearbox couldn’t pull off a power figure greater than 8.60 bhp at 6,500 rpm on this scooter, but being a beast isn’t what this scooter is meant for.. The wheels are made of alloy, but there’s no disk brake on either of them. The scooter is available in four different colours. The price of Honda active deluxe in approximatelyRs. 61000 and Honda Activa standard is 56000 and fuel tank capacity is 5.3 litres.

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TVS WegoThe built of TVS Wegois sleek and light with high rigidity. The model comes in two variants one is TVS Wego drum and TVS Wego disc – as you should get it by now, it’s the brake type. It gives a displacement of 109 cc and an average of 64 kmpl mileage.TVS Wego engine provides 8 bhp power output at 7,500 rpm, and a maximum torque of 8 Nm at 5,500 rpm. If you’re looking for a powerful and a light weighted scooter you must go for Wego. The price of the scooter is approximately 51,000 and has a fuel tank capacity of 5 litres.


Honda AviatorIf you’re looking for an attractive scooty which is grand then you must go for Honda Aviator. Honda Aviator is stylish and totally different from all the other brands. Aviator gives a displacement of 109.19 cc and has kerb weight of 109 kg .It  gives a high mileage with a great price. The price of the scooter is approximately 50,000 and has a fuel tank capacity of 6 litres.

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The price tags had been cross matched with respective ex-showroom prices. There could be change due to holiday seasons, directly contact with your nearest retailer for latest price.

List of  5 Best Scooty in under 50k to 60k

RankingScooty namePrice
1SUZUKI ACCESS 125₹ 56,000
3HONDA ACTIVA 125₹ 56,000
4TVS WEGO₹ 51,000
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