5 Best Skin Care Brands for Mens/Boys in India

In olden days, only women and girls were conscious about their skin and they have used a lot of beauty products for skin care. These days, men are also getting conscious to care for their skin. The problem is that boys are often hesitant to discuss their concern for their skin. So, there are many fashion and beauty blogs available to help them choose the best products to care for their fairness. Here, you will find the complete info about the best skincare brands and products available for men’s rough skin. We are sharing the best men’s face wash brands in India.

Choosing the Best Face Wash

It is a serious question for men. Choosing the best type of face wash is very important that can suit your skin. It’s up to your skin type because men also have various types of skin like women. But they have little thicker and rougher skin than women. Some men have dry skin while some have very oily skin. Pimples and acne are common problem in men because of dirt and dust they come across in daily life. So, we are sharing the best skincare brands for men as per their skin type.

Best Product for Oily Skin

Most men suffer from oily skin as it causes several types of skin problems. And oily skin is also vulnerable to pimples and acne. If you have oily skin, you must always consider some points before you buy face wash. Here you can check out the best oil control face wash available for men in India.


HimalayaIntense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash cleanses your face gently and removes all the excess oil from skin pores. It is an herbal and chemical-free product. It is loaded with Indian Willow to clear out excess oil, pollutants and impurities, and lemon. It features unique Active Boost technology which improves penetration of ingredients and it promotes rapid effects of all the herbs it contains. Use it two times a day for best results.

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Best Brands for Dry Skin

People suffer from various issues due to dry skin, such as peeling, itching, dryness and flaking. For dry skin, you need to use face wash that is loaded with hydrating ingredients and essential oils. Here is the brand for men to treat dry skin.


Biotique Bio Honey Gel Hydrating Face Wash is a soap-free, fresh foaming face wash gel. It is full of pure honey. It is derived from Arjun tree’s bark along with wild turmeric and Euphorbia plant. This product is best choice for dissolving impurities and makeup. It lightens skin complexion and softens your skin. It can be the best choice for all types of skin.

Best Face Wash for Fairness

Complexion often symbolizes beauty of both women and men. This is the reason everybody likes to be fair. But acne and dust are the leading causes to make your complexion dark. So, it is always important to use face wash to remove dust, oil, dirt, dead skin cells and all types of pollutants from your face every day. Here is the best face wash for your fair skin.

Garnier Men Power Light Intense Fairness

Garnier Men Power Light Intense FairnessIt is the best fairness product from Garnier for men. You can feel better and achieve better skin texture. It is also helpful to remove impurities and dark skin cells. The formula with micro polishing beads and brightening lemon extract can remove dark cells and brightens your skin visibly to provide intense fairness.

Garnier Acno Fight 6-in-1 Pimple Clearing

It is another best face wash from Garnier for pimple clearing. It features the ideal blend of Herbal Repair Formula and Salicylic acid that fights all pimple causes. It is considered to be the best face wash for acne and pimples.

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Best Face Wash for Winter

When winter arrives, your skin gets dried, lips cracked, and gets rough and full. But you don’t have to use ladies face wash or winter cream. You can find a lot of winter products for your dry skin.

Ponds Men Energy Charge Face Wash

Ponds Men Energy Charge face wash contains coffee bean extracts and antioxidants to revitalize skin. It removes away all the dirt, oil and dullness and makes your skin bright. You can get active glow with regular use. It reduces skin pores as the best skin moisturizer.

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