Top 5 Best TV Brands in India in 2016

Television is one of the most essential parts of the modern age life. It is true that it is entertainment and fun. However, it is equally important to be updated on various things and interests happening around the world. The Technology is slowly but definitely improving the TV experience by far new introductions. The modern age Television brands understand the need of technology and are in line with the latest and breakthrough modernization. There are many brands those provide quality products with excellent features and impeccable designs in India. Here are the Top 5 Television brands in India for 2016.

1.  Samsung

SamsungThe South Korean Giant is undoubtedly is the king of the segment. This provides high definition Televisions with quality picture quality and excellent features. Samsung has variety of ranges when it comes to Television. The LED, LCD, Smart TV are few of the varieties of the brand. The brand is mostly known for the features. It has excellent features like HD quality, Filtering Noise, Lightning Protection, Surge Protection, USB Connection, Smart Features like YouTube and others, Humidity shield and many more. The best part of the Samsung TVs are that they are available in a wide price ranges as well. It is up to the customer to choose the best from the varieties of choice.

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2. Sony

Sonysony is a Japanese Television manufacturing brand that is known for being one of the best in the market. Sony is not only a leading TV brand in India but also one of the most preferred ones in the world. It is known for the highest quality of sound and excellent picture quality. The Bravia Series of Sony is one of the most liked LED TVs and is equally liked by many people across the country. The price ranges of the Sony are also quite reasonable. It comes with lot of features and hence is understood to be one of the best deals for the Television.

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 3. LG

LG UF7600LG is another South Korean Company that is known for excellent product ranges on television. The brand is known for features of High End Technology. LG is considered one of the most popular brands for the LED TV. It does not only have earned the reputation of being one of the reliable Television brands but also known for the affordable price ranges. The features like Summer Protection, USB connection, IPS Panel, Lightning Shield are few of the most common and leading features for LG.

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4. Philips

PhilipsPhilips is a Dutch Company but due to its long presence in India, the company is one of the most trusted brands. It was once the leader of the lot but it has lost some of the grounds to others in recent time. The High Picture Quality, Surrounding Sound, Dynamic Contrast, Comfortable Viewing are few of the impeccable features of the brand. Philips is considered as one of the most desired and wanted TV brands in India not only because of features and durability but also because of affordable price ranges.

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5. Panasonic

PanasonicPanasonic is another Japanese brand that has made significant growth in the market. This is one of the TV brands that focus on quality sound, picture and comfortable viewing. The LED TVs are not only great treat for the eyes but also equally fascinating for the latest technologies. You can get range of TVs with different price ranges from Panasonic.

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These are the top TV brands in India that are not only highly popular and desired but also durable. The quality of the brands are often considered as the standard of the market in India.

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