Top 5 Best Toothpaste Brands In India

Oral hygiene has always been very important domain for domestic natural herbs and homemade ayurvedic powders available in India. The toothpaste industry in India has rich and long-back history since 1975. Today, the awareness on oral hygiene has significantly been increased and several brands have come up with their toothpaste brands. Colgate is the oldest and the first toothpaste brand which ventured into the Indian market. These days, toothpaste industry has shown a dramatic rise of 18.6% of growth rate. In both the cream and gel segments, the toothpaste industry is witnessing significant growth. Especially in urban areas, the growth is really prominent. Each person in urban India uses around 190 grams of toothpaste every year. Here are the top and leading toothpaste brands in the country.

1. Colgate

Colgate is India’s oldest and most widely-used toothpaste brand in the country which is offering huge range of oral hygiene products and. The toothpaste brand includes various ranges of products for oral hygiene, such as Colgate Total Charcoal, Colgate Sensitive, Colgate Dental Cream, Colgate Total, Colgate Max Fresh, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, Colgate Fresh Energy Gel, Colgate Herbal, Colgate Active Salt, Colgate Kids, and Colgate Whitening. The huge range of Colgate toothpastes is known to protect teeth against deadly bacteria and ensures strong teeth with healthy gums and fresh breathe.


2. Pepsodent

It is the most popular and widely used toothpaste brand in India. It is known for its cool minty flavor which is derived from Sassafras. It gives cool brushing experience and fresh breath to the user. Launched in the year 1993, Pepsodent has been the brand which has set a unique presence and benchmark on Oral Care in India. Owned by Unilever, the brand has been offering huge range of toothbrushes and toothpastes which can fulfill your unique oral care needs. Pepsodent is known to fight germs and protect teeth against cavities. It ensures fresh breath, strong teeth and healthy gums. It is a complete oral care expert which provides complete solution to your oral and dental problems like sensitive teeth and bleeding gums.


3. Close Up

It is the oral care brand focused on youth from Unilever Middle East and Arabia. It is among the first leading toothpaste brands focused on youth in oral care market. It has made youthful and edgy image that still stays alive till date. It is the toothpaste which makes people confident in “close and personal” situations. In the US, it is the first toothpaste which combined toothpaste and mouthwash in one formula. It is still known for providing dazzling white smiles in close situations.

Close Up

4. Meswak

It is a scientifically-proven formula which contains pure extract of “Salvadore Persica” plant, the well-known “Toothbrush tree” which is used for centuries. It contains anti-bacterial and astringent properties which are known to fight plaque, tooth decay, and avoid gum diseases.  Meswak is a herb which is potent, rare, wonderful, and priceless and delivers amazing Oral care benefits. It is a wonderful herb and scientifically proven to fight germs, reduce plaque and tarter, and bacteria to keep your gums healthy, eliminate bad breath, prevent tooth decay and provide strong teeth.


5. Dabur Red

It is known to be the fine blend of herbs which truly avoids several dental issues like toothache, gum disorders, and give healthy gums and strong teeth. It contains natural ingredients like Mint and Clove to give soothing and refreshing breath. Dabur Red toothpaste is enriched with 13 active herbal ingredients like Tomar, Pudina and Cloves to remove all the dental problems. Hence, it ensures strong teeth with its superior formulation which has been scientifically proven.

Dabur Red

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