Top 5 Best TVS Bikes in India 2016

TVS has been in the forefront f the Bike manufacturers in the country, ever since the company released the high performance, fuel efficient and the best bikes in India for the domestic market. Though there were many successful models of TVS motorcycles that were released in a very short span of time, there were few that stood apart with acceptance in the Indian Market due to the performance and durability of these TVS bikes, especially in the Indian conditions. The few that made to top 5 on the lists were the ones reported by the users and dealers across the country.

5. TVS JIVE 110

TVS JIVE 110TVS JIVE 110 is a design that has been made available at an economical price with improved riding experience excellent options on braking and handling. Also, the gearless option gives you the complete comfort on riding. The mileage on the motorcycle is pretty efficient as in contrast with the gearless transition implemented in TVS JIVE 110.A complete pack in a very economical price from TVS and the one of the best bike in India this season.

Price: Rs. 45000/- subject to changes.

Engine: 110 cc

Fuel Economy – (city): 60 kmpl, Highway: 65 kmpl


TVS Star City PlusYet another improved motorcycle from TVS with the same design as the older version, with renewed work on the engine and better mileage.TVS Star city is one of the most economical motorcycles available in the country and impressive riding features included in the model. The bike has been a success in the past and the company expects the TVS Star City to keep the trust going in this season as well as the best mileage bike from TVS.

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Price: Rs. 44,000/- subject to changes.

Engine: 109

Fuel Economy – (city): 86 kmpl, Highway: 90 kmpl


TVS MAX4RThe re-launch of the entry model from TVS motors in the same lineup as the previous edition of the motorcycle that was a success in the Indian Markets. A complete design that has been perfected for utility and performance. Though there is a change in the dimensions and the model is pretty efficient as the earlier models by TVS. The TVS MAX4R is one of the finest options for fuel efficient bikes in the country. Though it is best mileage bike from TVS in the price range.

Price: Rs. 43144/- subject to changes.

Engine: 110 cc

Fuel Economy – (city): 90 kmpl, Highway: 92 kmpl


TVS FLAME SR 125A quality and high configuration option in the economy class from TVS. A redesign of the earlier models with improved features on handling and performance with a quality in design and looks. A high-performance alternative with a complete new looks for the Indian conditions.

Price: Rs. 51700/- subject to changes.

Engine: 125 cc

Fuel Economy – (city): 60 kmpl, Highway: 65 kmpl

1. TVS Apache RTR 180

TVS Apache RTR 180TVS Apache RTR 180 is has been a sensation on an overall market performance and a design that has been pretty impressive with better work on the handling and fuel economy. The RTR180 is one of the top performers in the class of high-performance road bikes available in the Indian Market

Price: Rs. 72,090/- subject to changes.

Engine: 180 cc

Fuel Economy – (city): 43 kmpl, Highway: 51 kmpl

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List of Best 5 TVS Bikes

RankingBike NamePrice
5.TVS JIVE₹ 45,000
4.TVS STAR CITY₹ 44,000
3.TVS MAX4R₹ 43,144
2.TVS FLAME SR 125₹ 51,700
1.TVS Apache RTR 180₹ 72,090
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