Top 5 Best Yamaha Bikes in India 2016

Yamaha has been the finest and crafty manufactures of superbikes and fuel-efficient bikes for the Indian market. The class of the Japanese manufacturer has always brought innovations in the bikes they released in the recent times. The release in the last decade included the finest superbikes in the history, also included were the super economic and fuel efficient designs from Yamaha that were indeed best bikes in India released in the years. Yamaha has brought in more viable options in the bikes for all segments, yet there are of the models that were in the limelight due to their success in an overall perspective. These are the records of the market performance of the bikes and have not been based on any individual futures.


5. Yamaha SZ RR

Yamaha SZ RRThe most economic variant from Yamaha that has impressive and engineering for improvised handling and fuel efficiency options. The bike is impressively the best mileage bike from Yamaha to price at an economical priced and provide good riding performance. The Yamaha SZ RR has been the best in bikes with mileage that has made into the top 5 category of Yamaha bikes.

Engine: 153 cc

Price: 66,000/-

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4. Yamaha YZF R3

Yamaha YZF-R3The latest release in the Indian Market, with improvised features and quality in handling.  A design that has been an instant success for the Indian market. The superbike is one of fastest and economic option available from the Japanese manufacturer. The design is ultra light as compared to the superbikes of the segments that 300 cc engine. The features that make it the best in bikes for the Indian Market and the riding conditions for the Indian roads.

Engine:321 cc

Price: 3.25 Lakhs

3. Yamaha YZF R15

Yamaha YZF R15A most affordable and the best in bikes from the category of Superbikes from Yamaha. The YZF is the pretty complete pack of the supermodel suited for the Indian roads that have been worked on with adjustments and reliable factors that suits the Indian riding conditions. The superbike has been the only major breakthrough for Yamaha in the last year.

Engine: 150 cc

Price: 1.15 Lakhs

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2. Yamaha Fazer Z S

Yamaha Fazer FiOne of few mileage bikes from Yamaha that is indeed the best in bikes  that has quite impressive performance and mileage within the same model. The Fazer is also one of the most successful bikes in the  Indian cities with the most economical price tag. The Fazer ZS has all the aspects to make it best in bikes from the economical range from Yamaha.

Engine: 150 cc

Price: 76,000/-

1. Yamaha FZ1

Yamaha FZ1The super build for sports bike and most extreme of bikes for the roads in Indiana superior build from Yamaha are the traits of the finest model that has been the top in Indian markets. Elegant design and has been the most popular motorcycle in India. The original street bike from the Japanese manufacturers in the Indian Market.

Engine: 998 cc

Price: 10 lakhs

List of Top 5 Yamaha Bikes

RankingBike NamePrice
5Yamaha SZ RR₹ 66,000
4Yamaha YZF R3₹ 3.25 Lakhs
3Yamaha YZF R15₹ 1.15 Lakhs
2Yamaha Fazer Z S₹ 76,000/
1Yamaha FZ1₹ 10 lakhs
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