Top 5 Happiest Cities in India

Happiness is something which brings positivity to mind, a smile on someone’s face and comes naturally to a person. It is an emotional or mental state of wellbeing. Happiness is an immeasurable feeling, but it can surely be found which cities are happier in terms of Purpose, Pursuit, Passion, Pleasure, and Context. Being aresident of a particular city one may generally have a biased feeling of their city to be the best; however that may change with context, subject and matter.  Here we are getting a glimpse of the five happiest cities of India which made its inhabitants proud and happy.

1. Chandigarh


A union territory and a city which serves both the capital for the state of Punjab and Haryana. It is geographically located near the foothills of the northwestern Himalayas, the Shivalik range. Most of the city is covered by dense eucalyptus and banyan plantations.The city has got forest surroundings which serve as ahome for different birds and animals such as deer, barking deer, parrots, and peacocks. The city has got several gardens and a parrot sanctuary. Chandigarh is home tohigh standard educational institution, and this city has been rated and ranked first in India in the aspect of the Human Development Index. The government is the major employer here though the main occupation here is business and trading. The city is well connected with clean and fine roads and people here mostly works for 5 days a week thus having enough time to spend with friends and family. The maximum of the population loves enjoying spending their lives in a luxurious manner.

2. Lucknow

The largest city in the state of Uttar Pradesh is abundant in different types of cultures and serves as anartistic hub. This city is also the home of major industries such as aeronautics, furniture, distillery chemicals, machine tools and Chikan Embroidery. The city is well connected by roads, railways and has got a major intersection of four national highways. Direct air transport can also opt. This place has different cultural diversities such as languages and poetry, cuisines, festivals and is considered a heavenly abode for dance, drama and music. 

3. Delhi


The national capital of India and the home of many historical monuments reflect its importance silently. The city is also the home of different educational institutions varying from educational board’s headquarters, schools, colleges, and Universities. It is the largest commercial center of northern India, and many people are employed in government jobs, IT sector, hotels, telecommunications, tourism, banking and media. Manufacturing industries, power, construction and trading are the other economic sectors. Delhi is well connected by airways, railways, roadways. This city’s culture is very diverse due to its lengthy history and awide range of its inhabitants. The people over here very lively and the cuisines are influenced by its past dwellers. 

4. Chennai

Being the capital city of state Tamil Nadu, it is the biggest educational, economic and cultural center of Southern India. It is also the most visited cities by international tourists in India. The city plays an important role being the fourth largest economy in India. Chennai is also the home of several educational institutions, historical monuments, museums and art galleries and also a major center for music and performing arts and tourism industry. The city has a broad industrial base in computer, technology, automobile and healthcare sectors and is well connected by airways, railways, roadways and waterways. 

5. Bangaluru


This city is the capital of Indian state Karnataka and is mainly known for its reputed educational institutions and the IT capital of India. The city holds equal historical importance right from the stone ages. Being the home of several public sector undertaking companies and the Kannada film industry, the role of this city is very crucial in the field of economy. This city is well connected by roads, railways, and airways. A huge practice of art and literature can be seen here whereas the practice of music, theater and dance emphasizes the richness of the culture present over here.


A city is considered to be happy when its people have ample opportunities for education, employment, healthcare services, transportation, pastimes, art, culture and other sustainable development. Happy people makes happy cities.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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