Top 5 Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

Every business requires a customer relationship management unit. Customers are the reason a business get to make revenues, thus any business should put utmost focus on this section. However, companies that have just started up or established small businesses may not be able to spend much money on setting up an infrastructure solely for CRM; but they can indeed get the service done from some third party companies.

Enterprises don’t really struggle to find a compatible customer relationship management service, but small businesses need to consider various factors like whether the service suits the business, costing and implementation, maintenance fees and so on. Luckily, there are many open source CRMs available these days that can get a small business straight into the game without imposing redundant fees.

1. vTiger

Among many CRMs that top the list, vTiger is one company that got the back for any type of company – be it a small startup, or a large enterprise. vTiger is a part of SugarCRM. Everything is offered in one package on vTiger, a small business can avail sales and support both features from vTiger. Also, if collaboration among different ongoing projects is necessary then vTiger would provide assignable tasks, gantt charts etc. Exploring opportunities for sales and making networks through various contacts, business automation and generating sales reports, charts, CSV reports etc. everything’s built into one simple interface.

2. Fat-Free CRM

Features like group collaboration, organizing a campaign, lead management, generating contact lists for people networking, tracking new business opportunities etc. are all available in Fat-FreeCRM. It’s an open source tool and has been developed on Ruby on Rails platform. Lots of features are incorporated within its interface, and that too for a compelling price range. The insights and codes of the system are all available on GitHub since it’s open source, and if you happen to be a pro at coding you would be able to modify Fat-Free CRM according to your needs.

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3. Zurmo

Zurmo is open source thus users get to modify this CRM according to their needs. The platform acclaims to be gamified and social, you are supposed to find something new within their service. There are creation and collaboration tools built in, creative businesses can dig their own way all through. Using the creation tool the basic framework of Zurmo won’t break down, freeing the subscriber from the risk of messing up their CRM instllation.

4. X2 Engine CRM

X2 Engine is friendly for the small businesses and startups, because they offer an open source CRM tool that’s specially stitched for such endeavors and it is free. There are other high end iterations by the name of Professional and Platinum, both these options require a monthly or yearly payment unlike the open source package. Features include contact & account management, collaboration among assigned tasks, service module and team calendar etc. Users can edit inline records as well.

5. CentraView CRM

CentraView CRM is pretty simple and straight forward. It’s open source, free and manages business in a great way. Standard range of CRM features are all available – groupware, collaboration among team members, project management, SFA etc. The backbone of CentraView CRM is based on Apache Server, Linux, MySQL and Windows. Anyone practically expert in these will be able to get a grab on CentraView CRM pretty quickly.


A CRM tool can help with the business and revenue growth that many dedicated tools might not even be able to provide; you could try any of this for instance.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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