Top 5 Regional Dishes of India Which Are World Famous

Indian cuisine is known for rich and amazing tasting traditional food that has a perfect blend of spices, vegetables, herbs, and fruits. India has diversity in terms of climate, soil, and culture but the cuisines which it offers is simply mouth relishing. Right from Mughal Biryani till South Indian Dosa’s, there is a wide range of foods that you may come across and the taste is something that you will never forget. The best part is such cuisines always evolve into something better. It has gained popularity across the world and now you can also visit the Indian restaurants and enjoy the mouth relishing food aboard too.

Butter Chicken

Butter ChickenIt is a popular Punjabi delicacy that is loved by people across the globe. It is one of those popular non-vegetarian dishes which has the perfect blend of different Indian spices. The chicken is perfectly marinated and has some sweet added taste to it. The yogurt added in the chicken for marination makes it even more delicious. Butter is also added to enhance the flavor of the food. You can enjoy eating it with Roti (Bread) or rice. To enjoy it flavor, even more, you can eat it with salad and pickle. This dish is quite common and popular in India and has been considered as the Rich food you can enjoy.

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Idli, Dosa, Vada with Sambhar

Idli, Dosa, Vada with SambharAnother regional dish in India, which is known for a different taste, is Idli, Dosa, Vada with Sambhar. South Indian Dishes have a completely different taste as compared to that of Punjabi dishes. The best part is such dishes are available in any corner of India, but if you want to enjoy its regional taste, then you must have it in Kerala, Banglore, or Chennai. Enjoy this dish with Sambhar that tastes a bit tangy and spicy too. Masala Dosa is favorite of many people, especially children. For most of the South Indians, this type cuisine is their breakfast or dinner.

Chole bhature

Chole bhatureIf you are in Punjab or Chandigarh, then don’t miss out to eat this cuisine. It is bit spicy, and the bread you get has a different taste altogether. This dish is best to eat with an empty stomach. It is a spicy chickpea dish which is served with flour bread that also has a unique flavor. Many people usually enjoy eating it as a brunch. During most of the festivals, this dish is prepared as traditional one to enjoy.

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For people who are strict vegetarian can enjoy this dish for Sunday lunch. It is kidney beans that are quite spicy and has a thick gravy that you can enjoy eating with rice. This is another popular North Indian dish which you must try out once. During winter, this dish is enjoyed eating hot. You may find it in other regions of India, but North Indians know the secret ingredient to make it perfectly.


If you have ever been to Old Delhi, then you certainly must be aware of this dish. Nobody goes out of the City without tasting this yummy cuisine. It is one of the region’s signature delicacies which have a perfect blend of sweetness and spices. It is slowly cooked meat which you can enjoy eating with khameeri roti or bread. In olden times, royal families used to feast on it.

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