Top 5 Tips for Female Solo Travelers in India

India is vast land of culture. It is fully filled with history, architecture and colours. India has its unique tradition and offers moth watering and numerous numbers of foods in front of you. Along with all these there are many places you can visit in India. Many people come to India in the attraction of these beautiful places. It is a safe place for travelling and tourist enjoy the journey as well. But when you are thinking of travel alone, then you should be a bit careful about yourself. Though there is not gender biasness we follow in India, but then also being a girl or women, you must be authoritative. There are many places to visit and shopping too. Here we will discuss some tips which will help you in solo travelling.

Female Solo Travelers

1. Dress Appropriately

There are two reasons behind your dressing. Firstly, Indians are not same by cultures as well their values are also different. In many places in India, mostly in the villages, you must cover up yourself. By doing this, you are actually giving their culture a respect which will mostly prefer by Indian old aged people. Another thing is, here you will get a high scorching sun. If you will cover up yourself then you will get rid of sun tan. A scarf will help you to protect from sun also gives you a elegant style statement.

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2. Avoid Moving out at night times

Night Out

It is better in India to avoid night departures or night arrivals. When you are coming, at least try to book the first night’s accommodation. Many people face robbery, snatching of products and many things. Actually it is safety issue for your financial matters. So, if you already booked your accommodation then you will get extra confidence and easily avail a transport from airport or railway station and reached your destination very quickly.

3. Become an expert at Bargaining

India is a land where different cultural people wear different types of dresses and uses different type’s accessories also. Don’t hesitate take a round on the market. The street shops will give you a huge discount on their products. Don’t become shy or hesitate in front of the shop. In India bargaining is a very popular trend. And for vendors charge a high price from the foreigners. Don’t afraid to argue.

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4. Be Assertive

It is a woman’s responsibility to protect her when she is travelling alone in the country like India. Do not hesitate to give answers in a bold way. Many of the people are taking a women’s head bobble as a yes, maybe, no, not now, let’s see and many more. So, make your voice a bit bold while you are answering. Occasionally it is also necessary to remain quite.

5. Curious stares

Being a foreigner, you will get different types of strange looks. Many people will look at your dress. In India, lot of men is not used to with the shorts or tank tops. But, do not get afraid of it. Be confident and move around. But if possible try to cover up yourself with the dupattas, or by your dresses.

India is the land of purity. If you will be a bit sincere then no harm will dare to touch you. Along with all these enjoy the exotic scenarios, royal foods and dazzling shopping spots are eagerly waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for? Do a little homework, pack your bag and enjoy the Incredible India.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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