Top 6 Best Places in Delhi to Visit for Couples

Everytime couples cannot opt for movie or shopping as their hangout destination, as elder people see the couple together laughing, hugging or exchanging glances at public places they react as they have seen some TABOO. Young people with love in hearts has to witness venomous of onlookers, sometimes people to the advice them to not behave in a particular way while in public as the best task for them is moral policing.

The most reliable question after this dilemma of couples or we can say lovebirds is to find a proper place to hang out with their partner without scanning eyes judging them for no particular reason. Don’t confuse over the best choice next time you are going for a nice outing, here is the list of top 6 places in Delhi for the couples to enjoy together.

6. Rose Garden-Delhi

Rose Garden-DelhiIt would be the best available choice to bloom love talks surrounded with different species of flowers and their mild fragrance. The Rose Garden located at the outskirt of Chanakyapuriallow you to talk with each other being surrounded by roses and birds chirping. The Garden remains open all days and 24 hours so just plan it for any day and any time.

5. Japanese Park-Delhi

Japanese Park-DelhiJapanese Park is the famous name of the Swarn Jayanti Park located near the Rohini region, the garden is lavish and green as it is maintained by Delhi Development Authority. Surrounded nature is the best spot to let your partner listen to your inner talks and the secrets you want to share with him/her, plan a trip to the peaceful corner of the city and surprise your partner.

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4. Buddha Garden-Delhi

Buddha Garden-DelhiThe Buddha Garden located near the Dhaula Kuan is the 4th spot gainer in our list of options available for couples in Delhi. The lush garden is safe to visit during the daytime only, you will see lots of couple roaming in the park and there are chances of them hiding behind the bushes. The nearest metro station to reach Buddha Garden is DhaulaKuan Express Line.

3. Lodhi Garden-Delhi

Lodhi Garden-DelhiThe historical tomb of Lodhi located in the posh region of Delhi is a decent location to visit with your partner. The Garden has many historical tombs, fish pond and beautifully crafted trees and small plants. The nearest metro station to reach Lodhi Garden is JorBagh or Race Course.

2. Indraprastha Park-Delhi

Indraprastha Park-DelhiThe recent in the list and the longest park in Delhi Indraprastha attracts many couples as it is privacy friendly and offers decent sitting area to sit down and talk for hours . The Garden is beautifully designed with different art sculptures and Buddha Tomb in between of park, the garden has its own parking lot and also available as easy to reach location.

1. India Gate Lawns-Delhi

India Gate Lawns-DelhiThe pride of Delhi India Gate and the spherical garden around it is the top spot gainer in the list of favored places for couples in Delhi. Carry your partner for a walk in evening with cool breezes that will surely enhance your communication and love.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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