Top 6 places in Bangalore to Visit for Couples

Bangalore is the hub of MNC’s and computer based companies as India’s silicon valley, it’s usual that while working in the office you met someone special and want to spend some quality time together while talking or just spending time as looking in each other’s eyes. Obviously, office is not the right place for the same, so here is the list of top 6 places in Bangalore to spend some quiet moments together separately away from the city’s busy life. Bangalore and its nearby region are equipped with plenty of options for the love birds to hang out with each other in the quiet corner of the city.

Here is the list of top 6 places in Bangalore for couples to visit while planning their next outing together.

6. Hesaraghatta Lake-Bangalore

Hesaraghatta Lake-BangaloreThe beautiful lake area is the best way to spend time with your lover, the Lake basin with cool breezes and freshness equipped in the region will surely give new height to your love and relationship. Lots of water based birds and fishes there to welcome you will surely mark a pleasant evening spent. You can carry some homemade food option to give the meeting more picnic-like mood.

5. Wonder La-Bangalore

Wonderla Kochi (erstwhile VeegaLand)For an adventurous trend of meeting or you can say date you may plan a visit to Wonder La Amusement park to enjoy a lifetime memorable moments. The amusement park also loves to welcome couples, as the amusement park offers special offers and discount for couples. So add some adventure to your meeting  with plenty of rides and other games options, lots of food outlets are also available as after enjoyment food is the first priority.

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4. Nandi Hills- Bangalore

Nandi Hills- BangaloreNandi Hills or Nandi betta is an ancient hill fortress available is the southern India’s region. The Hill region offers stunning look and steps out as the favorite spot for the couples, peace of mind and no noise around is the greatest asset for the couples. Different places equipped with sitting options and eating outlets will surely spark your together time.

3. Thottikallu-Bangalore

Thottikallu-BangaloreThottikallu and its nearby region are famous for its waterfalls if you love nature and your partner both than the Thottikallu region is the best available choice for you to visit. If you are fun loving and excitement loving bunch of couple then you can also opt to enjoy shower beneath the waterfall. Couples may also spend sometimes sitting on the giant rocks and talk with each other.

2. Lumbini Gardens-Bangalore

Lumbini Gardens-BangaloreThe Lumbini Garden stretching over the 1.5km region along with the Nagavara lake is another water amusement park with lots of offer and discount available for couples. The Garden is named after the Lumbini in Nepal that is dedicated to Lord Buddha. The eco-friendly boating based park has special artificial beach and children’s pool.

1. Barleyz Restaurant

Barleyz RestaurantAfter accepting your love, you may not have asked your partner for a date. Next time plan a date and fix a table at Barleyz Restaurant for your outing schedule, The restaurant has gained the first spot in our listing of top outing choice available for couples. The terrace based restaurant looks beautiful during the night under city’s light.

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