Top 7 Best Soap Brands in India 2016

Over the years many Soap brands and variety have made entry to India’s market, soap is the most important element to ensure hygiene, for a great start of the day you need to first take a refreshing bath and for a refreshing bath the most crucial thing apart water is Soap with all essential qualities. The different category of soaps available in the market attracts different customers as some of the customers choose scent based soaps, for others, the need of medicated soap is required. The list of best soaps in the list will surely help you to try out the best available option with most number of positive reviews.

7.  Medimix Soap

Medimix SoapMedimix a well-known soap brand first of its kind with an herbal quality of Neem has been manufactured by Chennai-based company called Cholayil, the herbal quality soap works best for a pimple free skin and offers smoother skin tone with medicated qualities in the range of Ayurvedic products. Different variants of Medimix soaps are available as Medimix glowing skin, Medimix Ayurveda, and Medimix moisturizing.

6. Santoor Soap

Santoor SoapThe well-known and famous soap brand amongst Indian audience offered series of hygienic products including hand wash and soaps; Santoor mainly offers Sandal fragrance soap option with series of natural products and essential oils in its composition. Soap suites best for soft and glowing skins.

5. Mysore Sandal Soap

Mysore Sandal SoapThe Indian brand with a well-known face amongst the soap consumers, Mysore Sandal Soap has its roots in Karnataka, the soap is famous for its soothing effect quality and adding mild fragrance to your hygiene. The softening effect leads the reason behind its success. The soap brand is available in four variants Classic, Gold, Rose, and Turmeric.

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4. Cinthol Soap

Cinthol SoapThe series of soaps option offering a wide variety to choose from is the reason behind the success of Cinthol in India. Soap options available as medicated, scent based soaps and cooling effect soaps shines as the most preferred soaps options available in India. The cooling effect soap is the most popular product with the quality of soothing skin during summers.

3. Lux Soap

Lux SoapAnother prominent name in the soap series available in India’s market of cosmetic products Lux is known well for its unique shapes and eccentric perfume options, leading actress endorsing the product also adds stars to its marketing. Lux soaps best works for a soft and gentle skin.

2. Pears Soap

Pears SoapEntering the league of most popular soaps in India at the second spot, Pears offers an affinity towards glowing skin, with pH normal to skin and no harmful effects to the skin, people with delicate skin and normal skin go for Pears as the best option. The options available to choose from include “Pure and Gentle”, “oil clear” and “Germshield”.

1. Dove Soap

Dove SoapDove has won the league as the best available soap in India, the soothing quality, and mild fragrance counts it best with soothing advantages to skin, the campaign of Dove Soap with common people proves a huge success for the brand. The tagline of Dove says, “Dove gives you a glowing and fairer skin”.

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