Top 7 Best Tourist Places in Kashmir, India

“Switzerland of India”, this was the famous name being branded on the beautiful place of Kashmir in India. The villages of this place are very unique when compared to other places in the country since these are usually composed of traditional wooden homes that have extremely colorful rooftops. This is one trademark of the place, actually. There are also a lot of things Kashmir can offer when it comes to scenic sights. In this regard, here are the top 7 best tourist places in Kashmir, India:

1. Gulmarg

GulmargJust in case you don’t know, Kashmir is one place in India where snow can be experienced during winter season. This is actually the main reason why Gulmarg came into existence. Gulmarg is the best ski resort that can be found in India. This is also known as the “Meadow of Flowers” since there are a lot of beautiful, colorful flowers that surround the area. In the east part of the city of Srinagar, this is just a 2-hour drive away. If you want to experience snow and skiing, then Gulmarg is the place to be.

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2. Sonamarg

SonamargThis breathtaking place in Kashmir is actually a hillside station where you can witness the amazing beauty of Mother Nature. In fact, Sonamarg is also known for the name, “Meadow of Gold”. Thajiwas Glacier is one of the major attractions that can be found here, and a lot of tourists from all over the world keep on coming back in Sonamarg because of it. From the northeast part of Srinagar City, this place is just 2 and a half hour away.

3. Yousmarg

YousmargYousmarg, or alternatively spelled Yusmarg, is another hillside station that can be found in Kashmir. This is a sprawling meadow that is exactly located 2-hour drive away from the southwest part of the city of Srinagar. What made this place the best is its relaxing view since Yusmarg is only a bit developed place in India. Thus, this is the best escape for those who want to be away from the city.

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4. Sinthan Top

Sinthan TopIf you want to be on top of the mountain overlooking the majestic beauty of nature, then going to Sinthan Top is something that must be considered. A lot of tourists who want to stay away from the too crowded places keep on coming back in this place. The construction of Kokernag-Sinthan Top-Kishtwar Road contributes a lot to the accessibility of this place. Hence, it’s no longer surprising why there are still many people who come here despite its remoteness.

5. Leh

For those tourists out there who really want to take advantage of the very relaxing Mother Nature, then going to Leh is the best decision to make. During summer season, this is amongst those places in Kashmir that is visited by a number of tourists. The breathtaking views to the lofty mountains as well as the crystal clear water of the Alpine lakes will surely mesmerize you.

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6. Kathua

This is a famous city in Kashmir when it comes to history. What made this city extremely interesting to the tourists from all over the globe is the fact that it is exactly located in the banks of a river. There is no way you will not feel more relaxed in the serene atmosphere that this city can offer. In fact, this is the city that holds the rich history of Kashmir.

7. Kargil

Kargil is another city in Kashmir that can give the relaxation and enjoyment that every adventure-hearted tourist is looking for. This place is surrounded by towering and majestic mountains where you can do some trekking activities. The Suru Valley is the famous place in the city that is perfect for trekkers.


These are the top 7 best tourist places in Kashmir, India. There’s no way you won’t love visiting here.

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