Top 7 Happiest Countries In The World

From one corner of the earth to the other, the world is full of happy people. Happiness is much a better measure of human wellbeing instead of measuring health, education, income, poverty and good government. We may not know the exact reasons but some countries seems to have a higher concentration of satisfaction and local joy than others, with traits like uprising economy, good education and high life expectancies. Here you are getting a glimpse of the seven happiest countries in the world.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

With the high life expectancy of 79.3 years, the locals get to enjoy the beautiful and pleasant living for years after years. This country is not only blessed with abundance of natural beauty, from the ocean waters and sandy beaches to the lush green rainforests, but this army free country’s people also report of having one of the highest life satisfactions in the world.

2. Switzerland

The beautiful and small Switzerland is another happy home to the people on Earth. The country is simply blessed with beautiful lakes, towering snow-capped mountains and lovely environment which range from plenty of greenery to frozen. The government is transparent and strong economy amplifies the happiness index of the people. The majority of the population is highly satisfied with the air and water quality. Moreover how could one be ever sad, where there is abundance of delicious chocolates?

3. Norway

Without any doubt, Norway is another place in the world. Norwegians follows a very good living standards and ranks in top level among the well educated, healthiest, happiest and safest countries. 75 percent of its residents have reported to have more positive experiences each day than negative experiences. The country is also one of wealthiest places in terms of the presence of naturally beauty with numerous glaciers, mountains, lakes, beautiful beaches and fjords. It also offers the beautiful view of the northern lights.

4. Canada

One of the largest countries in the world is also one of the least corrupted, happiest and also rates amongst the least crime records. It is considered to be an abode to the world-class educational institutions and has got a literacy rate of 99%. The citizens under 65 are open to the same job opportunities in the country and 70% of them have their own homes and cars. The country also homes many natural reserves, wilderness areas, provincial parks and national parks.

5. Finland

Widely known for its great education system and literacy rates, this country offers high quality life, least income gap, high life expectancy, low levels of corruption and great work-life balance. The people invest the major part of their earnings in education and the country has an average employment rate of 70%.

6. Sweden

Stockholm, the capital is the first recognized green capital of Europe and the country has abundance of tranquil natural beauties, thick green forests, vast frozen landscapes and rocky islands. The country has got a high score card in terms of environmental quality, very high literacy rate, overall health, life satisfaction, and number of job and business opportunities.

7. Netherlands

This country is not only about clogs, windmills and tulips. They belong amongst the most satisfied people in the world. They put on a great work-life balance and 75% of the ages between 15 to 65 have jobs. This very free country offers the people to cherish plenty of personal choices.

A country is considered to be happy when its people are happy. From natural diversities to scenic beauties, from education system to professional opportunities, from healthcare to economic stability and from freedom to Government’s fidelity towards the people; all the above are the key factors which leads a country from being just a country to ‘a happy country’.

Manoj Mehra, a blogger and co-founder of Blazed Story, He always tries to share top 10 lists for India and worldwide to increase The knowledge of internet users.
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